Phuket Rugby Tens 2012 to be held this May

Phuket Rugby Tens

Annual Phuket Rugby Tens will be held May 25th-May 27th. Rugby team from all over the world will be participated.

A fun sport event, sponsored by world’s most famous beer brand Heineken, allows participants to compete against and to socialize with their competitive opponents.

Teams from all around the world will join this tournament including Thailand’s Phuket Vagabonds, South Africa’s Rooster Tours, Japan’s YCAC, Aussie team Groote Eylandt Mudchooks, and The Assassins from the UK. However, last year champion, The Royal Thai Police, will not join this year’s competition, meaning there will be a new winner this year.

Teams and visitors will contribute to children’s charity, the Asia Center Foundation. Therefore, the venue will later be confirmed.


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