Phuket Archery Club to hold Open Competition

phuket archery club

The 2nd Phuket Archery Open Competition will be held on April 7th at Saphan Hin Archery Range according to Phuket Archery Club.

Mr.Bandit Santikul, the club president, said that Phuket Archery Club was founded by those who love archery and its aim was to let youths and people in Phuket and other nearby provinces get to know archery. So far, there are 40 members. The club has enter 4th Thailand Princess Cup and got one silver medal and another bronze medal.

Phuket Archery Club suggested to hold a competition in Phuket because it’s famous for tourism. Saphan Hin is chosen because it is located near the sea.

This competition is for archers to gain more experiences in competing and to learn more archery techniques. Moreover, it is to learn to solve problems as archery requires concentration.

So far, 40-50 archers from, for example, Thailand Outdoor Archery Club and Trang Archery Club, have already signed up.

The competition will be divided into 3 categories: Recurve Bow which is for under-12s over 10 meters and under-18s over 18 meters, Compound Bow which is for adults over the distance of 18 meters, and Traditional Bow which is for adults over 18 meters.


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