Phuket announce signing of 25 year old Brazilian striker

Phuket announce signing of 25 year old Brazilian striker

Phuket announce signing of 25 year old Brazilian striker Phuket FC today announced the signing of 25 year old Brazilian striker Dudu. Dudu first played in Thailand for Buriram PEA FC in 2010 and became Buriram’s star with 28 games played with 10 goals scored. But PEA cut him from their first team when he refused to play with Buriram FC who was then promoted to Division 1. He was then signed to Sriracha Suzuki FC in 2011. His performance impressed Osotspa M-150 FC who then signed him to the team in 2012.

Dudu’s plays as a hard striker, which Phuket FC is in dire need of. His Samba skills and his strong ability to create the game makes him stand out from other forwards. His 175cm height and his strength will be an advantage for Phuket FC. Mr. Pamuke said that apart from his football skills, he’s also impressed by Dudu’s conversation. Dudu told Mr. Pamuke that he sees potential in Phuket. He believes that Phuket will be promoted to Thai Premier League in 2014 and he wants to be part of Phuket when that happens.

Chairman Mr. Pamuke Atchariyachay welcomed Dudu to Phuket FC and told the press about his transfer deal.

“There have been extensive negotiations before we finalized his transfer and he signed his contract today. We told Dudu that if he plays in the Thai Premier League there will be strong competition with footballers of his caliber. But if he joins us in Phuket and helps us go to Thai Premier League it will be a big milestone in his career. Many of our fans and footballers know Dudu as a highly skilled footballer. Many footballers have played against Dudu in Thai Premier League. I can also say that we have our advantage here. We have a good team, good training camp and impeccable management. Our footballers know that if they perform well in and out of the stadium, they will earn themselves extra bonuses and salary increases. Dudu understands this and he agreed to sign a 2 year contract with Phuket FC. After I spoke with Dudu, I can see that he has a very positive mentality about the game and good work ethics.

“Mr. Pamuke expresses his confidence about Phuket FC’s TPL promotion chances, his one and only goal since he took the job. He made me a promise that he will take Phuket to Thai Premier League. That is why I try to get as many good and efficient footballers as I possibly can. I am happy; the fans are happy and have given good feedback through many channels, including social network and personal messages, and when footballers see that positive feedback, they want to come and play with us too. Right now I am looking at 2-3 more players and I think we still have time to sign them. Also, as we have many footballers signed into our team, we are now receiving contact from smaller teams asking if we would have footballers on loan available for them to use, which both coach and manager will discuss again.

“The Chairman assures fans that he and his team have worked very hard and he believes his actions have spoken volumes. We are serious about Phuket FC. We will do all we can to go to TPL. But I would like to ask the fans that while we’re doing our part, you are the very important part that Phuket FC must have. Your love and your support is what we need. ‘Phuket’ for me is not just a word. It is a great city. It is our goal. We will make it happen.”


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