First “Hole-in-One” at Laguna Phuket’s New Front Nine

First “Hole-in-One” at Laguna Phuket’s New Front Nine

First “Hole-in-One” Laguna Phuket’s New Front NineWithin days of unveiling the front nine holes’ new look, Laguna Phuket Golf Club made another toast in a cheerful celebration when Mr. Juergen John, originally from Germany and a long time member at Laguna Phuket Golf Club, scored the first ever “Hole in One” at the brand new 8th hole on Wednesday 9th July 2014.

Stepping onto the Blue Tee, Juergen flushed an 8 iron on the 125 yard Par 3 hole – seeing the ball land softly on the green before rolling straight into the hole. This sparked wild celebrations from Juergen and his playing partners, in which the latter surely had their minds on the inevitable rounds of drinks lucky Juergen was about to buy.

Few golfers are ever fortunate enough to score a “Hole in One” in their lifetime. “I am truly proud to be the first person ever to score a “Hole in One” on the exciting new Laguna Phuket Golf Club layout,” said Juergen

“My friends and I love it here, and we are looking forward to the Club’s full course upgrade completion this yearend.”

Photo caption: Mr. Juergen John (2nd from right) celebrates his ace performance at Laguna Phuket Golf Club’s brand new 8th hole with his playing partners. The Club’s rep (3rd from right) presents a bottle of Champaign and a certificate to congratulate his achievement which marks the course’s first ever “Hole-in-One” on the new front nine holes.


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