Blue Tree Phuket shows 100% readiness to welcome up to 10,000 Spartans

Blue Tree Phuket shows 100% readiness to welcome up to 10,000 Spartans

Phuket together with Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), Blue Tree Phuket, Entertainment Hub, Thrill & Chill, Day & Night, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Sports Authority of Thailand, and sponsors from the private sector joined the press conference to announce their readiness to the official opening of a world-class copyright competition the Asia-Pacific championship “Spartan APAC Championship 2022”. Almost 10,000 Spartans and companions from 26 countries around the world will be welcomed to the race, helping promote Phuket to become the world’s Health and Wellness Center. A brand-new race venue is scheduled to organize during November 26-27, 2022 at Blue Tree Phuket, Tambon Cherngtalay, Phuket.

Mr.Christian Noret, Managing Director of Blue Tree Phuket a major sponsor of the competition, said that Blue Tree Phuket is more than 100 percent ready to welcome Spartans and companions for this competition. In this regard, Spartans will enjoy the world-class copyright competition “Spartan APAC Championship 2022” and companions. They will also have a good experience in relaxing and enjoying various activities within the Blue Tree, which offers various activities and pleasant services such as water activities in the Blue Tree Lagoon, the largest crystal lagoon in the Asia-Pacific region, both outdoor and indoor activities, etc. In addition, various types of restaurants open for service at Blue Tree as well as entertainment that bring happiness and fun to everyone who comes to the Blue Tree Phuket area as aligned with the concept Blue Tree Phuket Entertainment Hub, Thrill & Chill, Day & Night.

Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, president of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, said that a world-class copyright competition the Spartan APAC Championship 2022 is about to take place in Phuket to emphasize Thailand’s achievement in driving Mega Events and World Festival policies through the attract of world-class copyright events with a global fanbase from the United States. This is a continuation of the first accomplishment in Chiang Mai last August. On November 26-27, 2022, a new chapter of greatness and accomplishment is about to reoccur once again in Phuket and nearby areas on an area of over 500 rai at the Blue Tree Phuket. This is considered the main’s responsibility of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau to play an important role in drawing world-class copyright events especially the people’s favorite sporting events in the country as well as serving as a mentor and consultant on planning and organizing events for the host city to ensure that the sports festival can run smoothly. “We believe that This festival will be a vital opportunity to elevate Phuket to the goal of becoming a world-class sports city, as well as show the potential of Phuket and Thailand to the world in recognizing the readiness for being a host for international sports competitions and the World Specialized Expo in 2028,” he said.

Mr. Pichet Panapong, Vice Governor of Phuket said that “As the provincial administrator, I am very pleased that on November 26-27, 2022, the Spartan Thailand 2022, a world-class copyright competition, will be held in Phuket under the name “Spartan APAC Championship 2022” on an area of over 500 rai at Blue Tree Phuket. The organization of the competition is aligned with the province’s policies in promoting and jointly driving the growth of Health & Wellness. The people’s favorite public sports like Spartan Race can be considered as one of the wellness sports and sports tourism that can be called a real Soft Power will help awaken and create a trend in promoting the concept of Wellness in Phuket. The race could greatly be a medium for promoting good health and well-being. The cooperation and integration from all sectors both the public and private sector result in the strength of the ecosystem in hosting international events, while also paving the way to the preparation for biding to host the World Specialized Expo in 2028. On this occasion, I would like to represent and welcome athletes, companions, and everyone to Phuket and nearby provinces in the Andaman side as well as the lower south. Let’s all come together to create a new experience and history of Phuket through this world-class copyright competition.”

Mr. Anupap Wechvanichsanong, Deputy President of the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO), said that “As a representative of Phuket, we would like to welcome the athletes, companions, and everyone to join the event and create new experiences that are about to happen. The agency is active and very well-prepared in the area to support this world-class competition, which reinforces the fact that Phuket is a tourist city and a sports city that can support the masses with international standards in terms of cleanliness, safety, and convenience that everyone can access and will get an impressive experience from participating in this event. Today, Phuket, as the host city, is completely ready to welcome Spartans from all over the world. I would like to take this opportunity to be a representative of Phuket and reaffirm my confidence that Phuket is definitely ready for being a host venue in accommodating tourists, creating an impressive experience for all participants in this event.”

The Spartan APAC Championship 2022 scheduled on November 26-27, 2022, marks the first full-scale festival of the Spartan Race in Asia. On the event area of over 500 rai of Blue Tree Phuket, it will be divided into 6 major zones: Zone 1 – Spartan Welcome Hospitality, Zone 2 – Spartan Race Pack Collection, Zone 3 – Spartan Expo & Oasis Cafe, Zone 4 – “Wet N Wind Spartan Night Beach Party Presented by Blue Tree”, Zone 5 – Spartan Premium Lounge, and Zone 6 – Spartan Obstacle Festival.

Moreover, there will be a special highlight “Wet N Wind Spartan Night Beach Party Presented by Blue Tree” Festival 2022, gathering famous national and international artists and DJs and several shows. All will also enjoy international foods in the style of East meets West on Blue Tree Phuket’s beach on the evening of November 26 from 18.00-22.00 hrs. Free entry.

“Spartan APAC Championship 2022”, one of the Spartan Race World Series, is a tough and challenging race where Spartan athletes must overcome various obstacles and barriers that are set up along the racetrack whether there are on the off-road, mud wading, rope swing, climbing nets, climbing walls, and many more within a two-days competition between November 26-27, 2022. Race types are divided into 4 categories: Super distance 10 Km (25 obstacles), Sprint distance 5 Km (20 obstacles), Spartan Kids up to 3 Km distance, and Hurricane Heat team competition. Interested parties can view details at the Spartan Race Thailand Facebook Page ( and the website


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