Videos: BIS Phuket held huge football tournament for kids

bis footballBritish International School (BIS) Phuket at Kor Kaew organized its 9th annual international 7-a-side football tournament over two days with finals on Saturday 6 November 2010, when Phuketindex went to film some samples of the final action and prize-giving with speeches.

This year around 25 Asian and Thai schools and clubs in 74 teams with about 850 young football players came to play, including various teams you can see on the part 1 of videos such as Dulwich College Seoul, International School Kuala Lumpur, British International School Jakarta, St Christopher’s School Penang, British International School Vietnam, Headstart Phuket, Dulwich College Beijing, JSSL Arsenal Singapore and hosts British International School Phuket, in some of the nine different age category categories which ranged from under 9 to over 15 years old, both boys and girls.

(Apologies if some details wrong on the video as there were so many games going on!)

(part 1 is already on )

(part 2 is on

We continued filming for part 2 during the final match in the category of over 15 years old girls in which hosts and last year’s winners BIS Phuket just beat British International School Vietnam 1:0 in a close and exciting match.

Other local Phuket schools were also playing but we missed seeing the Youth Football Home in Thalang, whose talented squad of young Thai boys won the other over 15 category in style.

The event was a truly fantastic fiesta for all involved as families with supporters of the kids generally enjoyed the carnival atmosphere and the great football skills on display, even from coaches/teachers in their friendly game! The weather was also luckily dry and quite cool compared to recent years.

Emotions had run high on the 10 football fields at BIS Phuket as everyone took the competition seriously and wanted to win the many medals and trophies presented at the end (we only had time to film some of the youngest winners presented after the speeches).

There was also a great sporting spirit here and we think that everybody had a good time!

This event was a fantastic occasion for all involved, particularly for all of the students!  While the exchange of cultures is beneficial, it was also important for the students to have some real competition against teams from other countries.
The BIS Phuket International Football Tournament has become a fixture on most schools calendar and we, as well as all the players, already look forward to more of the same next year!

BIS Phuket
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Under 9s

  • Bronze – Harrow International School, Bangkok
  • Silver – Tanglin Trust School, Singapore
  • Gold – Bangkok Patana School
  • MVP – Tanglin Trust School’s No. 32

Under 11 Girls

  • Bronze – Dulwich College Seoul
  • Silver – Bangkok Patana School
  • Gold – Alice Smith School, Malaysia
  • MVP – Dulwich College Seoul – Roanne Lee

Under 11 Boys

  • Bronze – JSSL Arsenal, Singapore
  • Silver – Tanglin Trust School, Singapore
  • Gold – Bangkok Patana School
  • MVP – British International School Vietnam – No. 42

Under 13 Girls

  • Bronze – Tanglin Trust School, Singapore
  • Silver – British International School Jakarta
  • Gold – Garden International School, Kuala Lumpur
  • MVP – Tanglin Trust School, Singapore – Amber

Under 13 Boys

  • Bronze – Dulwich College Beijing
  • Silver – British International School, Phuket,  A-team
  • Gold – Tanglin Trust School, Singapore
  • MVP – Dulwich College Beijing – Max Holesworth (No. 20)

Under 15 Girls

  • Bronze – British International School, Phuket, A-Team
  • Silver – International School Kuala Lumpur
  • Gold – Dulwich College Beijing
  • MVP – Dulwich College Beijing – Googie (No. 22)

Under 15 Boys

  • Bronze – Dulwich College Beijing
  • Silver – Youth Football Home Phuket
  • Gold – International School Kuala Lumpur
  • MVP – Youth Football Home Phuket – Narachai (No. 9)

Over 15 Girls

  • Bronze – Taipei European School
  • Silver – British International School Vietnam
  • Gold – British International School Phuket, A-Team
  • MVP – International Community School Bangkok, Angel (No. 13)

Over 15 Boys

  • Bronze – British International School Vietnam
  • Silver – International Community School Bangkok
  • Gold – Youth Football Home Phuket
  • MVP – Youth Football Home Phuket, Nattapol (No. 9, 6 goals!)

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