‘We indeed get a very great feedback from The Luxury Travel Fair 2009’ – by Air, Sri panwa

Few months ago, my boss had mentioned about the luxury travel fair in London. She told me that only a few resorts and hotels from Phuket were granted to join this exhibition. Later that day, I googled and finally found the website.

The Luxury Travel Fair 2009 provided a collection of the finest and most unique holiday experiences from exclusive resorts, first class travel specialists, five-star hotels and luxury tour operators that came from all around the world at National Hall, Olympia, London.

After I was reading some more info from the website’s homepage, ‘Exhibitor List’ on the navigation bar was caught my eyes. Then this question popped up, “Which hotel from Phuket attended this exhibition?”

Lastly I found that just only a few luxury resorts from Phuket-as my boss once told me-participated in The Luxury Travel Fair 2009, but one of them is one of my favourite resorts ever. It is Sri panwa.

Another question popped up again, “Why don’t I ask someone from Sri panwa about the exhibition? Then I’ll know a wee bit more about this travel fair and the feedback Sri panwa got.”

Two days later at around 10.30 am, whilst I was sitting at Sri panwa main lobby, a look young but very active lady came to me and said, “Sawasdee Ka, I’m Air. Let’s go inside then I’ll tell you about the awesome experiences I’ve got from London.”

Sumana Vorachun or Air for short, she is a Business Development Manager Real Estate at Sri panwa. Air achieved her two master degrees in Hospitality Management and International Marketing.

Native of Bangkok, graduated two master degrees in Hospitality Management & International Marketing from Bournemouth University, UK. Air began her career at The Sukhothai Hotel in Bangkok for a year before moving to Phuket and start working with Sri panwa by the invitation of her friend, Platu (Platu is a younger brother of Sri panwa’s owner, Plawan). She has been working with Sri panwa for three years.

Few months ago, Sri panwa joined ‘The Luxury Travel Fair 2009’ in London, what was it like?

“Many five-star resorts, tour operators, agencies participated in. It was more slightly like a travel fair that create networking amongst us. Mostly we know those agencies but, again, we have to meet each other once a year to share some more info and keep the current up to date. Last year we did a lot PR due to we had many chances to go abroad.”

Were you the only person from Sri panwa to join this travel fair?

“No, there were three staff from Sri panwa including Plawan.”

Was it your first time for this exhibition?

“Yes, it was my first time but the third time for Sri panwa. It’s a must to go there because UK is one of our main market and we as well expand and focus more on Australia, Germany, Scandinavian and so on.”

Then how about the feedback?

“It’s good. We indeed get a very great feedback from The Luxury Travel Fair 2009. We get more customers, bookings, and contracts. We also invited the tour operators and agencies here to experience by themselves. It would be great if they exactly know our product before selling it. They will know the distinctive points and what to recommend to our genuine target market.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“Come to Sri panwa. This is the place where you will forever keep memorable experiences.”

Note: Thanks so much for your time. I did enjoy talking with you.


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