O-Aew, a refreshing iced dish for Chaluay

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Chaluay, a staff member of Bookhemain Shop, Thalang Road, Phuket

“I like to eat O-Aew. I moved to work in Phuket many years ago; O-Aew shop is one of the places I visit the most. Near Thalang Road, there are few original O-Aew shops so walking to the shop and ordering the refreshing O-Aew to eat has become my routine.”

What is O-Aew?

O-Aew is a sweet made from banana and O-Aew seeds, a Chinese herb, topped with boiled red beans or black jelly, and syrup. The sweet tastes sweet! Its price is also sweet, at only 10-15 baht per set. The O-Aew shops are not difficult to find since they are located not far from Phuket Old Town on Yaowaraj Road, and Cham Cha Market in Lor Rong.

Phuketindex’s comment

O-Aew has been a popular sweet of Phuket locals for a ling time. If you want to try it, please visit the shop located in the area mentioned above. We are sure that the sweet would catch your attention.

visit phuket

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