Surat, the man who is luckily to work, live and love everything in Phuket

Recently I was invited by Aui, PR & Sales Coordinator of The Royal Paradise Hotel and Spa to try one of Phuket luxury Chinese cuisine at The Royal Kitchen. Three dishes were delivered; Steamed Sea Crab in Soy Sauce, Pekking Roasted Duck and The Emperor Salad.

Those three recommended Chinese dishes clearly stimulus my taste bud to activate again even if I had finished my lunch only about an hour ago. Every dish was well-decorated by Chef Choochart or Leing Wang Teo. He’s been working here with the restaurant since its firstly open back in twenty years ago.

It was my honor to taste the entire superb menu with Aui and Surat Kanthanakit, Director of Food and Beverage at The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa.

Finally I found myself that there’re not only about the cuisines that push me to write down something about how delicious there were, but also Surat! He’s the man who urges me to write down some small little thing about him, but it can be you guys BIG inspiration.

Surat was born and bred in a hectic city, Bangkok. No doubt this man is always alert to do and learn something all the time. He firstly moved to Phuket about twenty years ago when he got a job in F&B field at Dusit Laguna Phuket, but now well-known as Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket.

Then he moved to work with The Royal Paradise Hotel and Spa for a couple of years before moving to work with another hotel.

“I’m the second Surat here because this is my second chance to rework with this organization.” answered with smile.

Surat VS Phuket
“When I first came to Phuket, the communication was not as you can see these days. It was difficult to reach Phuket town. I had to wait a bus for at least an hour to go to the one and only mall in the island. I sometimes thought that ‘How could I possibly survive here in Phuket?’ I’m a city boy who gets used to go shopping with taxi. I didn’t want to wait that long to get away from Patong just because I wanted to buy my weekly stuff.”

Then what keep you with this beautiful island?
“Yes, something special keeps me to stay here. I’m lucky to work, live and finally fall in love with everything in Phuket. It’s only because the beautiful of the island indeed. When I drove to Khao Khad View Point and overlooked at Panwa Bay, I called my closed friend in Bangkok and told him how much I really need him to see what I was seeing. It’s obviously beautiful crystal clear water with white sandy beach.”

“Phuket is definitely beautiful. Many luxury hotels and resorts open to support hospitality industry and it runs perfectly even if sometimes we face with some obstacles. But Phuket is Phuket anyway. It comes back on track any time.”

Is there anything else to keep you away the island?
“100% NO. I’m falling in love with every single thing about Phuket.”

Thank you Surat, lastly your story is one of my inspirations, to work-live-love everything in Phuket!


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