Speak Out: Phuket Sa-ard Part 3

Teerasak Srirath
Restaurant Manager, S.T.P. Group

“As a Restaurant Manager, I constantly remind my crew to sort garbage out before throwing. For me personally, I live in a company’s dormitory and we have a commitment that we will throw every garbage bag from a dormitory only when the garbage compactor truck arrives at around 5 in the morning.”

Chutima Boonsanong
Human Resources & Training Manager, Twinpalms

“We try to create a sense of possession and pride about our own property among our staff. I think we should start with a small thing, like in our place and gradually move up to larger society that includes Phuket. When someone calls for help, we prompt to give a hand. Our staffs usually go with trash bags to collect all that spoils our beach.”

Arunsak Saetan
Maintenance Manager, Twinpalms

“At my work, I try to opt for materials or items which are reusable or modifiable. It is a way we can reduce waste volume from engineering. We reuse what we can reuse.”

Prasit Thongrit
Landscape Supervisor, Twinpalms

“I have to take care of the property’s cleanliness as in my job description for the hotel, residents and Catch Beach Club on Surin Beach. However, I think we can all help Phuket look better together by giving a hand. Pick any garbage up and put it in a bag or bin wherever you see it. Just do it!”

Wannah Nontamit
Asst. F&B Manager, The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa

“We take part in every environmentally friendly event which asks for cooperation. For example, we got involved in a clean up activity hosted by Patong Municipality since the middle of last year 2009 that led us to receive an honorable certificate recently.”

Ubolrak Rattakai
Marketing Communication & Sales Executive, The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa

“I don’t want this to be just a fad that comes and go. I would like to keep the most beautiful picture of Patong as long as possible and I think the easiest way to achieve that is by people being responsible for what they have done, in this case for their trash. I don’t think more bins would help if people still have wrong attitudes.”

Thawatchai Buatip
PR & Sales Trainee from Khonkaen University, The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa

“Self-discipline plays an important role in this respect. I think we should start with children and within families. It’s like throwing a stone into the pond and you see a ripple effect in the water. Maybe a good example is needed.”

Amorn Intorncharoen
President, Phuket Pearl Factory

“In my opinion, the best solution to preserve the environment is to make efficient use and renewal of natural resources so as to reduce waste and stop overusing natural resources.”

Mukda Chartikul
Sale Manager, Phuket Pearl Factory

“I brought in trees to plant in my office. Apart from creating a nice perspective for viewers, it’s also good for respiration and mental health of both our staff and visitors.”

Saran Somrak
HR & Public Relations, Phuket Pearl Factory

“My work doesn’t allow me to escape from the pearl farm and it’s my duty to examine water quality habitually since our business relies on that. Though we have to use a lot of pearl oysters in farming, we cultivate and release them back to the sea to keep the ecology remaining in balance.”

Pareeya Jullaphong
CSR Project Manager, Bangkok Hospital Phuket

“I suggest Effective Microorganisms or EM to people in the hospital. They can use it for natural cleaning, deodorizing, composting and many other uses. Of course it helps reduce chemicals used in the hospital. My hospital also introduced to it several schools in Phuket.”

Khemawan Vettayawaikoon
M.D. Specialist in Cornea and Refractive Surgery, Bangkok Hospital Phuket

“I regularly join the hospital’s environmental activities whenever they organize it as I think whoever you are or what profession you do, we all have a duty to respect the environment. I believe when people realize this, things start changing for better.”

Kongkiat Laorwong
MD, Absolute Hair Clinic

“At my clinic, we see sorting out garbage as an important standard to practice. Infectious waste will be separated and collected in the red plastic bag appropriately, while general garbage will be kept in the normal black trash bag. This is a rule everyone at my clinic must obey.”

Jakkaraporn Jongkraijak
Head of Staff, Absolute Hair Clinic

“I’m responsible for the clinic’s hygiene and cleanliness. A proper management for infectious wastes is very important as we are a medical place where hygiene is vital. It has to start here.”

Sasithorn Pinthong
Marketing Manager, Sukko Spa

“At Sukko Spa, our hot water comes from natural heating systems, not the electrical systems and that is another way we can help reduce the electricity use.”

Duangkamon Thirintharaphong
Sales Executive, Sukko Spa

“We established a waste bank and convince people to donate recyclable garbage. The revenue from selling this garbage will be collected for the fund we manage for all staff to get loans.”

Nutchawat Khunsak
Trainee, Sukko Spa

Turning on the air-conditioners an hour later in the morning, turning them off an hour earlier and turning them off during lunch breaks for an hour are the norm here. Doing this we use less electricity than normal – at least 3 hours a day.”

Potchara Kekina
General Practitioner, Vachira Phuket Hospital

“People love cleanliness and tidiness. Phuket needs ‘foster’ care just like we pay attention to our patients, office and place. I somehow see flaws in some areas. That’s why ‘public mind’ is important. If people understand how garbage should be sorted, they would practice it in daily life. It’s easy either for you to bring it back to re-use or sort, or responsible parties to dispose of it. The ‘No Plastic’ campaign is cool when everyone exactly realizes its significance.”

Sujaree Thongthueak
Pharmacist, Vachira Phuket Hospital

“I have often see people drop garbage in the public areas. Once I saw a mother to two children who wasn’t looking at what she was doing. That was terrible and not good manners for someone who takes full responsibility for kids’ learning. We should have some measures to deal with these kind of people. For me, “sa-ard” means more than cleanliness. In the meantime, it could be interpreted as our community should be free from evils and bad influences and you know that has to start with the family also.”

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