Speak Out: Phuket Sa-ard Part 2

Jon Vanasin
General Manager, Erawana Group

“Our company places great importance on the environment. Looking at it visually, we will have a detailed plan on the environment for each development. These are mainly involved with waste water treatment and construction of waste management; so we strictly abide by the law. Although we have no project located close to the beach for which more requirements may need, we don’t overlook our passionate commitment for caring for the environment. We apply measures within the organization, something as easy as recycling is not only good for the environment but it’s good for business as well.”

Narumol Thongpet
Sales Manager, Erawana Group

“When we have a clear vision and action plans on environmental caring and to keep ‘Phuket Sa-ard’, what we have to do is just follow the standards we have set. We talk with the residents to join us looking after Phuket. There is more and more pollution these days and it is bringing in diseases. For this reason, I thing we have to keep ourselves clean, as well as Phuket.”

Wiwat Udomsap
Project Manager, Erawana Group

“As a developer, a problem we currently face directly is about garbage from the garden which cannot go to the incinerator and we have to manage it ourselves. Lucky we have a way out, but some irresponsible developers and contractors probably spoiled Phuket with piles of construction waste on the road shoulders in isolated areas. It would be great if the concerned agencies realize and systematize this.”

Somboon Petchnui
Gardener Supervisor, Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket

“Team work is needed just like here to keep ‘Phuket Sa-ard’. Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket sorts our garbage. Fruit and vegetable garbage from the kitchen becomes organic liquid fertilizer to use within the hotel and sell to staff. It’s work. The province’s plastic bag campaign is a good start. If we can pull it off, the plastic bags we send to the incinerator will decrease and that consequently means less total waste volume.”

Suthisuda Wongjon
CSR Executive, Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket

“We are currently mainly focusing on the ‘Green Leaf’ project. For hotels, ‘Green Leaf’ plays an important role in the development of environmental quality that helps keep Phuket clean at the same time. For myself I’m interested in plastic bag initiatives and to sort out waste for recyclable items. These can be easily implemented by myself.”

Naravadee Swangridht
PR & Advertising Manager Destination Marketing, Laguna Phuket

“Under our PR role, we don’t have much to do with campaign organising but more with the publicity. Creating awareness and calling for participation are everything. Do your best, be a good example and people will follow.”

Thareeya Deasakorn Khamkar
CSR & Community Relations Manager, Laguna Phuket

“We hope to see a volunteer spirit in our staff and so in people outside to keep Phuket-Sa-ard. By helping together, Phuket will remain a favourable destination in the future. For those who don’t know where to start, just listen to what people suggest and try to do it bit by bit and it will become a mass.”

Rungtawan Pattarasuwannakit
CSR Officer, Banyan Tree Phuket

“At Banyan Tree, we are in many projects to keep Phuket clean. We reduce using chemicals by teaching our staff to produce dish washing liquid for internal use ourselves. It’s easy and practical. We collaborate with Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket in the EM [Effective Microorganisms] fertilizer project. We also started to experiment using ‘Hydrogen Boosters’ with our kitchen trucks to save oil consumption. In addition, now we are researching on using earthworms to recycle food wastes into organic fertilizer. If this is possible, it will be our next project. ”

Pichit Ong-oug
Landscape Manager, Laguna Service Co, Ltd.

“We take care of the common areas of Laguna Phuket, including the beaches, as my work requires me to care for them; but for something further than that I’m willing to give cooperation in any initiative or campaign.”

Jariyaporn Sainoi
HR Coordinator, Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket

“We have to deal with piles of documents everyday so we cannot avoid using lots of paper. However, we try to help by reusing paper the most we can. We print on both sides of the paper and if the paper is hard enough we keep it for decorating our announcement boards etc. In order to keep Phuket clean, for me, it is just a matter of self-discipline; people should throw garbage in a bin.”

Dussadee Musika
Assistant Executive Housekeeping, Laguna Beach Resort

“It begins from the first hand after waste is thrown into the bin. Our housekeepers who are responsible for each guestroom will take care of sorting out unwanted items into plastic, paper, cans and whatsoever, before they are taken into our garbage bank. Our housekeepers are trained and monitored to use any solutions properly to save water.”

Piangpen Thampradit
F&B Development Manager, Sri panwa

“At Sri panwa, we take care with the cleanliness of our area as a normal practice. We sort out the rubbish and always look for things to reuse and recycle. For Phuket, if we look at the capacity, we’ll see the waste volume is comparatively high. Although we have an incinerator, it’s not enough. Part of the reason is because people don’t sort out their garbage. I love the idea of a recycling business as it helps Phuket at the same time. Phuket somehow has too much trash, so it’s our work to think how we can keep it clean.”

Angkana Thanasiriphong
Personal Assistant to MD, Sri panwa

“I speak for the owner and all executives to say we all are concerned about the environment issues and have been implementing lots of policies and measures to save ‘planet Phuket’. For example, in our gardening, we gave up plastic trash bags and choose reusable baskets instead to contain grass clippings, leaves and garden waste. Then all the garden waste will go to fill in the land. Each department brainstorms for energy saving measures and put them into action. Normally, we and the neighboring Phuket Marine Biology Center will join any beach cleaning activity every 3 months.”

Voradanai Kamcharoen
Villa Executive, Sri panwa

“We talk about service, so it’s our nature to keep our place tidy and clean all the time. I personally focus on this point and try to instill this attitude to my staff. If they look after themselves well, the routine will extend to their surroundings as well. If you can’t stop using plastic bags like my departments, then try to use them the fewest. From my point of view ‘clean Phuket’ means clean to the eyes too. To reorganize shops, stands and restaurants will benefit Phuket’s tourism.”

Jarupa Phimsri
Assistant to HR Manager, S.T.P. Group

“On behalf of S.T.P. Group, we always a good partner of local municipals to take part in environmentally friendly event. For individual, I always reduce garbage by thinking before throwing a single trash. If I can reuse them, I’ll definitely do.”

Phanit Booranaphavang
Chief Reception, S.T.P. Group

“I’d like to see more trashcans in Phuket. As you can see these days, Phuket population grows increasingly. More people will absolutely bring more trash in the island. We finally will have to be more careful and thinking more about this problem before it’s too late.”

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