Speak Out: Phuket Sa-ard Part 1

Ketsuda Soontarin (Mook)
AIS Phuket Customer Service

“Phuket is a nice place to live and that attracts people from different places to settle down here.  When it involves a lot of people, it’s not easy to control hygiene and cleanliness. So let’s start with ourselves. Just take responsibility for your own society.”

Alisara Na-Takuatung (Alice)
DJ @ 108 Mazz Radio

“At home, we have a practice of sorting out the garbage. Reusable items will be kept to reuse while recyclable materials will go to recycling centers to make new products. At work, in my radio program I always insert knowledge and some ‘how to’ for my audience.”

Wipawan Kanjanawipakul (Ple)
DTAC Phuket Customer Service

“I personally think Phuket is cleaner as a result of good cooperation between parts of this society. I do hope Phuket will remain this clean to welcome all visitors.”

Aumpaiphan Pawattananusorn
Phuket Provincial Public Health Office

“At my office, we have a policy of using both sides of paper and reusing printed paper. We collect recyclable material and sell it out as well. The money after that will be given back to us in terms of fringe benefit. That’s a very good idea to promote proper waste management.

Piyaporn Kaewklam (Meaw)
Kasikorn Thai Bank Phuket Branch

“If someone wants to see Phuket clean, they have to add more bins to cover all areas. I believe no one would like to litter if they see a bin close at hand. Further, concerned agencies have to ensure the speedy collection of garbage.”

Pawin Torwong (Num)
Bangkok Bank Phuket Branch

“Keeping Phuket clean is very important. Let’s say Phuket’s beaches. White sandy beaches are our prominent point which brings a lot of income to Phuket. We should take good care of them, to always keep them beautiful for tourists.”

Torpan Pusantia (Tor)
Phuket Tourist Police

“The role of tourist police as the first friend of tourists who visit Phuket make us have to be ready to give out information in every aspect. If it is about keeping Phuket clean, we take responsibility to tell them what they should or should not do here.

Songkod Pranweerapaiboon (Toey)
Phuketwittayalai School Student

“In our school, most of the garbage comes out of the canteen, so we have a policy everyone has to follow: that is no plastic bags for food and meals are restricted in the canteen only.”

Peerapong Sritungsirikul (P)
Phuketwittayalai School Student

“School is another place where a lot of people are gathered together. If we don’t keep it clean, we may have to deal with health problems instead.”

Pongpak Reangrittirong (A)
Phuketwittayalai School Student

“If we want Phuket clean, we have to start with creating consciousness among people due to the fact that it is the root of the problem.”

Ketsarintip Rungruengniti (LukPeach)
Phuket Rajabhat University Student

“If we want to see Phuket clean, I think we have to start with our own place first, wherever at your house or school. For me myself, I’m willing to join any activities which involve environment protection.”

Somjit Choosawang (Pop)
Phuket Rajabhat University Student

“I often remind my friends not to litter in the public. We should take responsibility for dropping litter into the bins and must not create task for others.”

Piyanut Sukkerd
Phuket Rajabhat University Lecturer

“I tend to impress upon students to be aware of cleanliness. Starting at classroom, they have to help keep the place clean after class. I think cultivating consciousness in a new generation is important to social development.”

Aekapon Junchoowanitkul (Aek)
Nam Sang Hi-Fi

“Most tourists that come to Phuket are from those developed countries which look neat and clean more than we are here. What we should do is improve places, streets, shops and restaurants to be clean and attractive.”

Suntorn Ruyan (Nok)
Thai Art Gallery

“To develop the cleanliness of Phuket, we categorize people into two kinds that are responsible people and non-responsible people. A way to make non-responsible people to become responsible is to show them that spoiling their home is shameful.”

Thongchai Poovachiranon
Director of Regional Environment Office 15

“Phuket Sa-ard or Clean Phuket’ is not limited at garbage only. But it includes vision, water & air that has to go alongside as it is a network. There is a connection in every single part. As an official directly involved with environment, I try to educate people and organize many activities to raise public awareness and to solve the environmental problems the best I can.”

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