The beach of nature and local lifestyle in the eyes of Ko Tee

ko tee

Ko Tee, a coconut seller, Rawai Beach, Phuket

“It must be here, but I would also like to invite you all to visit Rawai Beach. Even though the beach is not as beautiful as other beaches in Phuket, Rawai Beach has the local lifestyle of the sea gypsies and fishermen as its uniqueness. Moreover, souvenirs from the sea can be easily found here. The beach is also suitable for ‘family time’ since there are many restaurants where families can spend their time together along the beach. Who says Rawai is not interesting? I totally don’t agree and hope you come and experience it by yourself.”

rawai beach
Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach is a long-time famous beach located in the south of Phuket. Now, the beach serves Phuket residents and visitors as a relaxing place where everyone can try some delicious seafood by the sea. Moreover, the beach is also the starting point for small boats that take tourists to the nearby islands like Coral Island, Racha Noi Island, Racha Yai Island, and Keaw Pissadarn Island.’s comment

Other beaches around Phuket have been hugely developed, however Rawai beach has maintained its natural and local atmosphere very well. The beach is a valuable treasure of the island that we all have to preserve so we do not forget the original way of relaxing by the sea for Phuket people. invites everyone to visit Phuket and tell their story about visiting the island, like above, to others via the new column ‘Visit Phuket’  in our website. We welcome stories from everyone, tourists or residents. We hope that this would help to promote Phuket tourism and make more people come to spend their time on this beautiful island.

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