Sanook Holidays in Phuket

Phuket Sanook

( Magazine Vol.9)

Sanook Holidays in Phuket

Every year, they say there are over 5 million tourists from all over the world coming to Phuket. The high number of the tourists reflects that the island is very attractive among those people. Most of them spend their vacation by snorkeling, sailing, eating fresh seafood, having romantic dinners by the sea, and staying overnight, some in luxurious hotels.

Phuket Sanook (‘Sanook’ being a Thai word meaning ‘enjoy’) is the definition of travelling to Phuket given by The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Phuket’s Office. Bangornrat Shinaprayoon, the Director of TAT Phuket, explains what they mean by ‘Phuket Sanook’; we also present you the favorite Sanook activities of people working in Phuket tourism.


What is Phuket Sanook?

Director of TAT Phuket said “Before mentioning about the meaning of ‘Phuket Sanook’, I would like to make the readers understand the role of TAT Phuket in island tourism first. TAT Phuket is the government organization that mainly promotes tourism in Phuket – to people in other parts of Thailand and the world.

‘Phuket Sanook’ can really happen with support from every sector in Phuket. TAT or other agencies have to feel ‘sanook’ in our work to promote tourism. Business sectors have to enjoy offering interesting products and services for travelers. Locals should also have a passion to look after our homeland and act as good hosts. All is based on the same goal we have – that is to enhance Phuket’s tourism and we will all benefit from doing this together.

‘Sanook’ activities that tourists should not miss are snorkeling, canoeing, & sailing to see the beautiful scenery of Phuket’s sea; eating international food such as European food, American food, India- Halal food, Japanese food, Chinese food and of course Thai food! Apart from this, Phuket offers cultural routes in Phuket Town with the locals’ lifestyle and old charming architecture that greatly reflect the origin of Phuket locals

All the services are given by service-minded staff. 40,000 rooms in hotels, with full facilities, are ready to serve all needs of tourists, like spas or Thai massages, etc. The abundant natural resources help tourists’ enjoy ‘Sanook’ experiences and the experience is even more enjoyable with the sincere smiles of the locals welcoming visitors coming to this island. Tourist’s having ‘Sanook’ make locals smile too! Tourism is the heart of Phuket’s lifestyle and economy, so let’s make it ‘Sanook’. make Phuket is developing more ‘Sanook’ activities to maintain ‘Sanook’ feelings whenever people come to the island.

Those activities are publicized via media, especially Phuket E-Magazine, TAT Phuket’s online magazine providing information about Phuket and an event calendar all year round. Moreover TAT Phuket support fun activities in Phuket order to a lively atmosphere in the island’s tourism. Those activities include the Phuket Music Festival, Chinese New Year and Old Phuket Town Festival, Phuket King s Cup Regatta, Laguna Phuket triathlon, etc.

Apart from TAT Phuket, the local entrepreneurs or business owners join hands to establish associations to promote Phuket tourism and organize a lot of fun and interesting activities in order to attract tourists to Phuket. To increase ‘Sanook’ experiences in Phuket, the related sectors have to be good hosts welcoming tourists to Phuket, as well as maintain natural beauty. The tourists should be well taken care of; meanwhile, they should not be exploited by locals while they are traveling in the island.

Moreover, the government and private organizations together with TAT Phuket are helping to expand tourism markets of the island by inviting new groups of tourists to travel here, such as wedding groups, diving groups, yachting groups, sport groups, and adventure groups. However, they are also trying to keep the existing groups of tourists coming. Phuket can welcome more tourists and the island will be developed in many aspects making it ready for the increasing numbers of visitors.”

People’s ‘Sanook’ Experiences in Phuket

mom tri

Patcharee Suwanarat – F/O Manager, Mom Tri’s Villa Royale

“I like to go shopping at Naka Flea Market. There is a lot of cool stuff, especially second hand stuff and ‘ground’ shops (shops that display the products on the ground). The shops in the market always present trendy or updated products every week. I personally also prefer walking along the old buildings in Phuket town, rather than walking on the beach. The architecture is really elegant; that’s why I often show it to my friends coming to visit Phuket.”

Sylvie Yaffe – Public Relations Manager, Mom Tri’s Villa Royale / Mom Tri’s Oasis

“I often go sunbathing on the beach, especially on Kata Noi Beach. The beach is peaceful and clean, so it is such a good place for me to relax. I always take my friends for sun bathing there. Another thing I like to do in Phuket is scuba diving. I always join a scuba trip when my schedule is not so tight.”

Danai Klaiwisade –  Restaurant Manager, Mom Tri’s Oasis

“I like to play football at Suanluang Rama 9 Park. The park is cool and pleasant so it’s like a meeting center of people who want to be healthy. They come to the park to exercise after their work.”


Theerati Kheerin – Executive Chef, Laguna Beach Resort

“On holidays, I often drive my family to beaches, waterfalls, or viewpoints on the island; I love to relax in a natural atmosphere more than spending my holiday in the city, so does my family. I am always happy when family members are enjoying our natural trips.”

Chantana Srichoo – Guest Relations Officer, Laguna Beach Resort

“I like to cycle with my family. In the holidays, we always go cycling along the beach or to waterfalls. Working as a Guest Relations Officer, I always have to give tourists information about suitable attractions, therefore I like to travel to many places and remember the beauty and information of those places to use in my job.”

Nattipong Rattanapratoomal – Hospitality Executive, Laguna Beach Resort

“I really like surfing. My most favorite place to surf is Kata Noi Beach because the waves there are cool. Sometimes, my friends and I play guitar for fun. We are occasionally invited to play at events. We feel good every time the audience enjoy our music.”


Krittawit Thongnarong – Bartender Supervisor, Catch Beach Club by Twinpalms

“Drinking at night in Phuket is my ‘Sanook’ experience on this island. After being tired from work, it is very nice to have a yummy dinner with great music and atmosphere – it’s a good way to boost me up after a long working day. Now, there are many places in Phuket that I can enjoy life after work.”

Nitiwadee Manabut – Sales Coordinator [Groups & Events], Twinpalms Group

“Phuket’s nightlife is very colorful, fun, and exciting. There are a variety of styles of nightclubs in Phuket Town and hotels. Each nightclub presents its own experience of nightlife in Phuket. As I am working in the events-related field, nightlife is a ‘Sanook’ experience that really suits my lifestyle.”

Supaluck Klongsamut – Sales Executive, Twinpalms One Luxury Yacht

“During holidays, my friends and I often hold a party in a beautiful ambience. Most of the party locations are by the sea because it gives us relaxing feel. Phuket has many scenic beaches which are good to hold parties. This is something really special about Phuket. By the sea, there are lots of activities to enjoy, such as eating seafood, playing sport on the beach, playing with friends in the sea. The activities make the holiday really ‘Sanook’.”

sri panwa

Siriporn Sukom – HR Manager, Sri panwa Phuket

“My work makes me have to update information on accommodation and tourism business in Phuket all the time. So I like to take my family to spend our holiday in beautiful accommodations in Phuket. While my family and I can relax together, I also get useful information for my work. Phuket is attractive for holidays and the best accommodation makes the holidays even more attractive.”

Nichotipa Intaradesh – Spa Manager, Sri panwa Phuket

“I personally enjoy eating Phuket local food and desserts. Most of them are sold in the area of Phuket Old Town making them more local and original. I always take my friends from other provinces to eat the food in town. Some of the food can not be found in other parts of the country.”

Prasert Puongyao – Chief Engineer, Sri panwa Phuket

“In my free time, one of my most favorite activities is to eat yummy seafood with the good ambience of restaurants in Phuket. Taking my friends and family to those restaurants and eating Phuket style seafood makes our free time more happy and impressive. Apart from this, I always go to make merit at Chalong Temple as well.”


Martin Hill – Head Coach of Brazilian Soccer School (BSS), Phuket

“My favorite ‘sanook’ fun activity has always been soccer, beach soccer, street soccer and Brazilian Soccer Schools using Phuket’s finest facilities at Phuket International Academy Sports and Leisure Club (PIASLC). I have played the game since I was 7 and I still enjoy it as much today as I did back then. Soccer is good for the mind, body and soul and what an easy way to stay fit! You can play alone, with a friend or with many friends. When playing organized soccer, children get to be part of a team and to learn teamwork; it can be a very social, positive activity.”

Sean Panton – Phuket International Academy General Manager

“As I am an avid football player, the most exciting fun thing for me to do at present is play adult futsal league matches at the PIA. With Phuket’s first artificial grass pitch, it helps my old bones and I can play in the rain too without getting kit ruined. It’s a fun, high energy way of keeping fit, meeting people and having fun; look forward to seeing you there!”


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