‘Phuket Smile’ in the Eyes of Government

…A smile makes the world delightful because it is the best & most powerful body language that can change the world…
‘Phuket Smile’ means getting smiles from Phuket people. Making ‘Phuket Smile’ is the important mission of government administrative organizations in Phuket. Let’s see the points of view of the local administrators who are the key people to make smiles happen everywhere on the island.  

Jutra Dumlung
Chief Executive of Kamala Sub-district Administrative Organization

“Peaceful living makes people in Phuket smile. We should maintain it.”

A long time ago, Kamala was not mentioned as much as Patong. Yet, a few years ago, it was supported by both government and private sectors to be a new tourist spot in Phuket.

As a representative of Kamala people, we plan to develop Kamala as the best place in Phuket. We wish this will help people smile. We hold the Kamala Festival 2010 to tell people in Phuket and tourists more information and background of Kamala. In the future, we strongly believe that there will be increased tourism activities in our Kamala Sub-district.

People in Kamala live together peacefully. Even though the majority of the local residents are conservative Muslims, they are happy to welcome people with other cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs. Moreover, they are pleased to welcome investors who will help to contribute economic development in our area.

Kamala people wish that their homeland will be developed. They wish that their heirs will have permanent careers and live happily in Kamala. Likewise, I hope their wish will be true and make people smile. It’s the best reward of my work.

Kamala Sub-district Administrative Organization: 29 M.2, Kamala, Kathu, Phuket 83150 Tel. 076-385640 to 1 Fax. 076-279769


Saravoot Srisakukam
Chief Executive of Maikhao Sub-district Administrative Organization

“In my opinion, we can make Phuket people smile when we develop their quality of life and community. This makes the phrase ‘Phuket Smile’ more meaningful.”

At Maikhao Sub-district Administrative Organization; all the staff are ready to help people with any system and use the most soothing manners with people. Especially, we listen to people’s opinions and let them join the projects helping to develop Maikhao Sub-district.

Our policies, that certainly make Maikhao people smile, are 24 hours-a-day disaster prevention and mitigation service in case of any land slides, storms, floods, fires, or droughts.

We support education by establishing Maikhao pre-school to develop local children in academic and cultural values. In addition, we lead them away from drugs by holding many ‘Against Drugs’ camps.

Our senior and handicapped people are cared for by our volunteers. People are trained about alternative careers to generate more income into their families.

We also develop the roads in our Sub-district, maintain the infrastructure, and build gyms, car parks, and relaxing areas.

Another of our main policies is checking sanitation standards in restaurants and making the area clean and tidy because Maikhao Sub-district has many tourist spots and accommodation.

Furthermore, we were awarded the prize called ‘Outstanding Community Health Innovation in the Provinces’ from the National Public Health Foundation and National Health Security Office, when we performed local Health Security Fund help in Maikhao area, because we believe that good health creates sustainable happiness and makes Maikhao people smile.

Maikhao Sub-district Administrative Organization: M.5 Maikhao, Thalang, Phuket 83140 Tel. 076-352170 Fax. 076-348039


Arun Soros
Mayor of Rawai Municipality

“The visitors’ smiles are the best output of Phuket people’s duty to impress and make everyone happy coming to the island.”

Rawai is the location of Promthep Cape, a well known landmark of Phuket. The cape attracts a lot of people coming to witness its stunning landscape and scenery. That’s why we have to provide a professional security service by installing CCTV in the cape area, to keep an eye on the visitors and to assist them immediately in emergency cases. We are confident that Rawai is one of the best places with the best security policy on the island.

Rawai is also the home to Chao Thai Mai or Sea Gypsies. These people are rich in their unique culture and original lifestyle. We realize and help them to conserve their beautiful way of life.

People in Rawai are educated in how important environmental preservation is, with many activities held by Rawai Municipality. We believe that tourism which grows along with trusted security management and good environment will help locals and people smile.

Rawai Municipality: Viset Rd. M.6, Rawai, Muang, Phuket 83000 Tel. 076-613801 Fax. 076-289055


Nuttapong Wimonpan
Chief Executive of Chalong Sub-district Administrative Organization

“People who see a smile are as happy as people who smile. Why don’t Phuket people smile more to each other?”

People are the most important part of local society. Therefore Chalong Sub-district emphasizes on human and family relationship development, such as supporting educational facilities in schools and preschool centers for children, developing people in sports, morals, knowledge, alternative careers and self sufficiency for adults. We also support senior and disabled people by sending volunteers to look after them.

We believe that strong families make a strong community. Family members live together in the eyes of our Civil Security Volunteers and CCTV.

We are lucky that our area is quite peaceful, as there is the holy Chaitararam or Chalong Temple located here, where both Thai and foreign visitors come to visit and get good feelings back.

Chalong Sub-district Administrative Organization: 38 M.4 Chalong, Muang, Phuket 83130 Tel. 076-383775 to 7 Fax. 076-282255


Kreeta Saetan
Mayor of Vichit Municipality

“If Phuket people can have good quality of life and stay in a safe and beautiful environment, they will be happy and it’s not hard for them to smile.”

The policies that make people in Vichit smile are public utility developments which meet the needs of people such as roads, electricity and waterworks, tourist spots’ development at Kao Kad View Point and Klong Mudong Viewpoint, sport and recreational area development and local landscape amendment.

We also focus on keeping our area clean by promoting ‘Plastic Bag Free’ in Phuket and often holding clean up activities to make people realize that it’s their duty to make the community clean. CCTV also ensures the safety of people’s lives and properties.

Mini marathon running–walking competitions are held annually to promote good health, which makes people happy and makes the kids see how important exercise and spirit is.

We stress on children’s development by supporting them with good education and encourage good relationships in their families. Many activities are held to teach children about good culture and community responsibility. Now, we provide ‘Vichit Wifi’, a free internet service that helps us to keep in contact with our people by using new modern communication channels.

Vichit Sub-district Administrative Organization: 54/1 M.1, Chaofa Rd., Vichit, Muang, Phuket 83000 Tel. 076-525100 Fax. 076-525101


Kuekait Jitkue
Chief Executive of Koa Kaew Sub-district Administrative Organization

“Phuket Smile happens once all the government sectors perform the right services that really benefit and meet the needs of Phuket residents.”

To make our people smile, we have to know what our people need, what their problems are and what they want us to improve. We work for them as they are our boss and we have to work diligently.

We maintain the roads and the important infrastructures, keep public places clean and try to avoid floods in the rainy season by constructing a new manhole system, to reduce traffic jams on rainy days. It’s our duty to keep the roads clear since they connect Muang district and Thalang district. We also expand waterworks systems covering all our areas of responsibility.

Our residents are Buddhists and Muslims living in the same area. Therefore, we often hold activities for both religions. It helps to ensure that people with different religious beliefs can live together peacefully.

The most important thing, for us to perform the good services, is efficient management and administrative strategy performed in a friendly way to our people. It not only makes them smile, but it’s also the best reward for our hard work.

Koh Kaew Sub-district Administrative Organization: 1/20 M.1, Koh Kaew, Muang, Phuket 83000 Tel. 076-239263 to16 Fax. 076-239263 to15

————————————————————————————————————————————-Somphob Konkaew
Chief Executive of Thepkrasatri Sub district Administrative Organization

“Career, residence & life security are the main factors that make Phuket people happy and smile.”

Thepkrasatri sub district covers a large area of Thalang district. The majority of people here live their lives in agricultural ways. The advantage of Thepkrasatri is the abundant natural resource and quiet atmosphere that is hard to find elsewhere in Phuket.

People live and help each other, yet they still prefer privacy on their own vast land. That’s why we provide the Civil Security Volunteers to keep an eye on them and their properties.

We believe that people in Thepkrasatri will smile once they have sustainable careers, income, standard public utilities, and life security. So, we provide convenient services, even without their request.

Thepkrasatri Sub-district Administrative Organization: 361 M.1, Thepkrasatri, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Tel. 076-311994 Fax. 076-313616


Athipong Kongnam
Chief Executive of Paklok Sub-district Administrative Organization

“Making families smile is the beginning of a strong community. If all families smile, it’s not hard to create the ideal society.”

There are property developments establishing in Paklok, including housing estate projects and hotels. The main roads are improved to facilitate the expanding community. It may affect locals’ way of life; consequently, we have to make the locals understand what we do.

The serious problem we are facing in our community is drugs. We have to cooperate with the related officers to solve the problem. We go to check and educate children in schools and arrange a lot of activities against drugs.

We support people to use alternative energy to reduce housing expenses and preserve the environment. We are one of the first groups of people who use a new source of energy and we are sure that people must have a look at our way in the future.

To make people happy, the government organization must realize benefits for people. Sometimes there might be troubles, but that helps us prove that we can help to create a better life for people. Sometimes people have bad attitudes about government officers; we have to overlook this and prove ourselves.”

Paklok Sub-district Administrative Organization: 98/3 M.2, Paklok, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Tel. 076-529500 Fax. 076-273027


Suratin Lian Udom
Mayor of Rassada Municipality

“I believe that ‘Phuket Smile’ impresses people coming to Phuket, hence, we should always smile because it’s another good thing of Phuket apart from our beautiful tourist destinations.”

The smile of Rassada people is also our goal. Therefore, we have worked under the policies which mainly help to improve peoples’ quality of life including hiring professional service providers to keep the roads, residences, and other places in Rassada clean; we often listen to people’s opinions and problems to ensure that our staff can perform their duty fast and mostly sooth people.

We cooperate with Mission Phuket Hospital to provide medical checks for people in Rassada. Moreover, we send volunteers to take care of elders, disabled, and HIV patients. We also continuously support our kids in morals and education.

The new innovation in Rassada is the alternative energy generator, from the water treatment system. We will develop the landscape in Koh Sire and make it to be a new tourist spot of Rassada. All these things are our intention to make smiles in Rassada.

Rassada Sub-district Municipality: 17/58 M.3, Rassadanusorn Rd. Rassada, Muang, Phuket 83000 Tel : 076-525779 Fax: 076-525788


Somjai Suwansupana

Mayor of Phuket City Municipality

“Smiles happen when people make each other happy and smile to each other.”

I believe that people are satisfied and smile when we serve them services that cover their needs. Consequently, Phuket City Municipality provides various services, such as a health security project cooperating with local hospitals and medical clinics.  We look after people since they were born and later provide them education with our six schools operating from kindergarten to high school level. The schools’ curriculum has emphasis on IT, foreign languages, sport, arts and culture. Now, there are lots of manifest outputs of our educational policy: they are quality human resources with capability and good health. I believe that they will be the key factors to move Phuket City forward sustainably.

Besides, we efficiently manage the province’s main incinerator, located in Phuket city area, in order to avoid side effects that may affect people living nearby the area. The increasing amount of rubbish in Phuket leads us to construct a second incinerator and we expect that it will be completed soon. As you can see, now there are more parks and green areas in Phuket city. We develop the parks as the recreational areas where people can relax and play sport. The most popular park in town is Sapan Hin. We are developing the park under the ‘Sea in Town’ concept. It’s not only the city park, but it’s also the city sports center.

Finally, the highlighted activities held in Phuket town are the Vegetarian Festival and Phuket Old Town Festival which is annually held to promote Phuket’s original way of life, including Baba culture, Sino – Portuguese Architecture, and local cuisines to Phuket’s new generation.

Phuket City Municipality: 52/1 Narisorn Rd., Taladyai, Muang, Phuket 83000 Tel. 076-212464 Fax. 076-213374


Manoch Panchalad
Chief Executive of Cherng Talay Sub-district Administrative Organization

“Religious beliefs are connected to conflicts in some communities, yet, in Phuket, people with various religious beliefs live together peacefully. Their happiness is one of the most beautiful things on this island.”

One of Phuket’s charms is the tranquil atmosphere of people with diverse lifestyles, traditions, religions and cultures, as they live on the island without any conflicts and, importantly, they respect each other. This makes the island an ideal tourist destination.

The main group of original residents in Cherng Talay is Muslims. But there are also Buddhists and people who moved from other provinces or countries staying in the area as well. Growing hotels and accommodations bring these people to stay in Cherng Talay. The different lifestyles and religions do not seem to affect their way of life. People help each other and join the activities in the community which make the relationships between them stronger.

People can smile when there’s nothing making them unhappy. We work hard to get rid of their problems and we hope that our work will maintain the friendly ambience and contribute to Cherng Talay Development.

Cherng Talay Sub-district Administrative Organization: 247 M.5, Srisoonthorn Rd., Cherng Talay, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Tel. 076-271096 Fax. 076-271096


Surapong Panyawai
Chief Executive of Sakoo Sub-district Administrative Organization

“Phuket Smile is the smiles of people, from children to elders, reflecting the quality of life in the whole Phuket society.”

From my point of view, the group of people, that help society develop, is the elders. When parents are busy working, the elders are the best primary teachers in the family, who teach children ancestral knowledge and morals and tell them to be away from bad things such as drugs.

Children will be the important power to move our society forward; therefore, we emphasize the policy to enhance primary education standard and provide children with an opportunity to study in their home areas. We support the elders to participate in social activities. Moreover, our people are helped to live in self-sufficient ways by working in agricultural fields.

Even though we cannot stop the growth of business in our area, we can take advantage from it in the right way, together with preserving our original lifestyles. The environment around us may be changed; but the tranquil living of people in Sakoo will remain. People should always help and smile to each other.

Sakoo Sub-district Administrative Organization: 24 M.3, Sakoo Naithorn Rd., Sakoo, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Tel. 076-205328 Fax. 076-205328-18


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