Phuket real estate in the eyes of Robert Krause

Robert Krause, the owner of condominium rentals & founder of Professional Property Consultants. He is originally from the US and used to run a furniture business in Hawaii for many years before decided to move to Phuket fifteen years ago. He is now the residence.

Lets’ take a look at what he thinks about the island’s real estate market.

How long have you been monitoring the developments on Phuket-Thailand real estate market?
“I’ve been coming here the past fifteen years. I had a vacation home for ten years and now I live here for five. I really have my eyes on this business. By the long time, I’ve seen the ups and downs in Phuket and I do believe in the future it’s going to be very popular.”

What are the greatest advantages and disadvantages of the market in this country?
“I think the advantage is about the government that is more stable. And if compare to my home country (Hawaii), I think Phuket is as the same as Hawaii in fifteen years ago. It’s underdevelopment and will be a great destination. “

What, in your opinion, is the first measure that should be taken so that Phuket will be able to improve its image among investors?
“I think the government needs to be a little bit more stable for the foreign investors to come and invest in Thailand. But actually I don’t think it’s a big problem because they’re moving forward in the right direction, especially the PM, he leads Thailand in the right way. It’s going to improve the whole picture of the country.”

Which do you consider to be the most attractive segment of the real estate market in medium terms?
“Well, I think Phuket is still underdeveloped. I do believe that there is still a lot of real estate especially in medium market I think it’s still quite have an improvement. Developers will build up more and more to support this medium market.”

What’s the future of Phuket?
“Wonderful. I really think it’s going to be better and better. You can see Phuket nowadays is absolutely different from the past ten years. It’s going to be a great destination for people to come and have a holiday vacation or even spend their retirement.”

What kind of property attracts most investors?
“The developers mainly build up the real estate all along the ocean. So you’ll get a stunning view. You’ll have a beautiful home next to the ocean. This is the best attractive point of having home in Phuket.”

How do you advertise your activities and how can potential buyers learn about your company and the services it can offer?
“Well mostly we have a lot of referrals. We have very satisfied customers from oversea, those included Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, the US. We offered them a vacation home and retirement home. When they go back, they tell their friends to come here. Word of mouth is very important to our business.”

What’s Phuket main advantage as a holiday destination and what exactly draws foreign investors to Phuket?
“Of course the beautiful beaches and ocean. As I said before, Phuket is underdeveloped, not overbuild or crowed as in where I’m from. Phuket still has a potential to grow.”

They say there is a surplus of supply, especially at the sea side. What do you think?
“There is still need to be more developing along the sea side. It still has long way to go.”

Anything else you’d like to add?
“I can help you to find your dream vacation home or retirement home and help you  about the Thai law by referring to profession attorneys.”


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