Phuket Opinion: Speed Cameras – For What Purpose?

Phuket Opinion: Speed Cameras – For What Purpose?

Phuket Opinion: Speed Cameras – For What Purpose?  It has recently been announced that Phuket will soon see the introduction of the island’s very first speed cameras, albeit only four.

I don’t think anybody can dispute that speed cameras are required here, and that there are hundreds of locations around the island that would benefit from them. However, one has to wonder the reason why they are being introduced. According to news reports their main purpose is to reduce road traffic accidents and increase awareness of speed limits. However, from reports in the UK, speed cameras are far more financially beneficial than for safety and many people now question their main purpose, and perhaps it would have been better for the person responsible for the statement to say that along with road safety they are actually for financial gain.

I’m sure most drivers here have better things to do than hand over their money for speeding fines to municipalities to help fix a hole in the budget due to the mismanagement of funds. However, I personally think the introduction of speed cameras to Phuket plan aren’t such a bad thing. Putting aside the fact of how much money can be gained from the cameras, in 2008 in London alone speed camera fines worth 313,293,000 THB were collected, I actually think that these cameras can be beneficial to drivers in an urban setting like Phuket.

If cameras are placed in densely populated areas, it makes sense to have them there. Keeping your vehicle moving at a constant speed is better for fuel economy and traffic jam reduction. If implemented properly, the cameras combined with the proper timing of traffic lights, could legitimately ease congestion and serve to move traffic along at a more consistent pace.

Furthermore, if cameras are located near schools and public areas, they will actually make a positive impact on public safety.
For most drivers, speeding from A to B is the best use of a driver’s time behind the wheel of a vehicle, but an urban location like Phuket is not the place for it.

From the money raised from the cameras please introduce more and in addition also add red light cameras at traffic lights, I’m sure an equal amount of money will be made from these, and perhaps people will gradually learn to drive by the rules of law and the amount of road accidents and fatalities will soon reduce.


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