Phuket Opinion: Preah Vihear Case

Phuket Opinion: Preah Vihear Case

Phuket Opinion: Preah Vihear CaseThe International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Monday afternoon unanimously confirmed Phnom Penh’s sovereignty over the entire disputed promontory bearing the Preah Vihear temple on the Thai-Cambodia border.

The United Nations’ highest court did not specify precisely how the area in the ruling maps onto that which is claimed by Cambodia, saying only that it should correspond with the natural promontory, and that the border line did not have to follow the watershed, as Thailand has argued.

People of various sectors in Phuket, lawyers, business sector, public sector and students have commented on the decision of the court.

Khun Chaiyos Panyawai – Attorney said “There is no point in disputing the ruling it will be of benefit to neither party, we should accept the decision. When a case goes to the World Court the decision they make is accepted all over the world and we should respect that. However, both sides still need to make an agreement on matters of mutual interest”.

Khun Prom Suksiripan from Phuket Chamber of Commerce said “I’m not satisfied with the decision of the World Court, that part of the territory was lost as one Thai man was unable to protect the land that their ancestors created. However, it is now down to the government to give priority to talking about the outstanding issues the Cambodian side.”

Khun Rattanamon Rattana from Phuket Wittayalai School said “I agree with the decision of the World Court but I’m sad that we’re losing the territory. While the area has mutual benefits to both parties it has to be agreed on these issues.”


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