My view on ‘The taking of Pelham 123’

I personally love Denzel Washington’s movie while my dear brother has every movie of John Travolta. Last year, when he firstly knew they both would have played the same movie, he immediately called me and said, “I think this movie will worth a trip to the theater.”

Last Saturday, he went to the theater in Hadyai with his girlfriend while I was having dinner with friends in Phuket. Of course later that night, he rang me and said, “If you didn’t watch it yet, just go and watch but don’t expect that it’s a good movie of Washington and Travolta.”

I didn’t’ want him to spoil the movie by telling me bla bla bla. Last Sunday, I watched this movie and I finally found that ‘The taking of Pelham 123 is not as good as some of Tony Scott’s movies!’

In my eyes, it’s not either action or adventure movie. Well maybe it’s just a pretty ordinary action (sound better?). Despite a strong cast, The Taking of Pelham 123 suffers under the excesses of Scott’s frantic direction.

The film is obsessed with ticking clock and Scott frequently reminds us how many times are left. Of course, despite 1 hr deadline that Ryder (John Travolta) was delivered, nothing interesting but waiting to pass a couple of hours in theater.


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