My Sunday Brunch @ Indigo Pearl

I admit that I always wake up late almost every Sunday (maybe it’s the effect of Saturday night!) meanwhile I’m the one who love breakfast more than any other meals of the day.

How can I do, when I need to take a wee bit longer time for sleep and-in the meantime-I love to have a nice meal for mid-day eating on Sunday?

I’m quite sure that any of you might have the same problem like me, want to sleep longer in your comfy bed but don’t want to just have dried-whole weed bread with a cup of coffee (like you always have daily before you go to work).

Now I know “where” I can find such a nice meal like that on Sunday!

Last 2 months, I’ve got an invitation card for The Absolute Vodka Brunch from Indigo Pearl for 2 persons. Sounds nice, isn’t it?

And yes, it is.

In my opinion, Indigo Pearl’s Sunday Brunch isn’t like all-you-can-eat buffet with watered down cocktail, but, a truly fine brunch with free-flow tasty cocktails and a splendid services.

There’re various kinds of international cuisine menu. Those include Japanese Sushi, Chinese Peking Roast Duck, New Zealand mussels, French Fine de Claire Oysters, until Phuket rock lobster. And of course, free flow vodka cocktails will do the rest!

The atmosphere is nice, kid friendly, yet adult happy.

If you don’t know “where” to go for a good Sunday brunch, I suggest you to go to Indigo Pearl. I’m pretty sure you’ll never be disappointed.

More photos of The Absolute Vodka Brunch from Indigo Pearl


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