More than just fine dining at Mom Tri’s Kitchen

One of my foreigner friends once invited me a fine night dining in a hotel restaurant located in Kata Noi Beach, but unfortunately I had to say ‘no’.

What he said was, “Aaaaaaw, you just lose your chance. This is a wonderful place to enjoy some of the best that Phuket has to offer. Gorgeous view, nice food, great wine.”

I still remember what he was told me about how nice of this restaurant, but on the other hand I still have a question, “Does Mom Tri’s Kitchen offer me both stunning view and nice cuisine?”

When I have question mark in my head, I have to erase it out. And I know Staedtler eraser can’t help me but I have to go there!

It was a rainy day in early October around 11 A.M. My friend and I decided to go out and have lunch somewhere special just to celebrate her graduation, and Mom Tri’s Kitchen is our choice.

It takes about 40 minutes driving from Phuket town to Mom Tri’s Villa Royale in a rainy day (actually it just 30 minutes to get there). We ordered many dishes but what I like most are;

  • Goong Trio: trio sauce of prawns topped with a piquant mustard, a Tom Yam, and a spicy lemongrass sauce
  • Tuna Steak: pepper crusted pan-seared tuna steak with a ginger & orange caulis accompanied by santé spinach & asparagus
  • Pistachio Parfait: frozen pistachio parfait with Amarena cherry sauce

While we were eating, something popped up in my head, ‘Not only a great place for dining but alsoa perfect view overlooking the beautiful Kata Noi Beach.’ This is a place for a romantic setting overlooking the bay especially at sunset. This place is hard to beat.

I never ever see a beautiful scenery shot of rainy storm comes closer and closer like that day. It’s obviously gorgeous.

After we filled our empty stomachs with many delicious dishes, we walked around the resort and founded that this boutique resort is quite nice as well.

p.s. If only I could turn back time, I wouldn’t say ‘no’ at all.


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  • not only view and cuisine, but their service as well. I had a chance to chat with their GM – Mr.Dan – and I felt that why all staff here is so kind to everyone.


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