Me against Pearl

Since the end of 2008, pearl is one of many topics that come directly to me. I’m naturally not a real fan of pearl, but when any special anniversary comes or even when I  want to buy some nice gifts, pearl is always pops up in my head.

November 6, 2008
My two elder sisters gave mum a lovely pearl pendent for her 62nd birthday anniversary while my brother and I decided to give her a pair of pearl earrings.

My dad? Yes, he gave mom a big surprise!

A long brown silk scarf from India was entered mum’s hands. Yes, mum liked it and dad seemed to be happy.

Was it a real big surprise?

NO, if it was just a scarf made from India.

But YES, if dad traveled to Mumbai and bought a made in Thailand brown silk scarf for mum’s birthday gift!

Mid April, 2009
My closed friend bought a pair of counterfeited pearl stud earrings for 900++THB while I suggested her to pay more 500 THB and she would have the real one.

About a week after, the shinny pink color of fake pearl was peeled and I never see her wearing them again.

August 27, 2009
Here below are the conversations between me & my colleague;

“Where’re you going, Joe?”
“I’m going to Phuket Pearl Factory. I have an appointment with Khun Jitti.”
“For what?”
“I’d like to collect some more pearl info from the guru.”
“Sounds good, but for what?”
“I’ll tell you when I’m back, OK?”

Just notice that I have few memorable experiences with “Pearl” and I think it’s time to tell “YOU” some good things I know about pearl.

Phuket is a pearl of the Andaman, on the other hand, pearl is one of Phuket’s famous products. But these days the reputation has been destroying (as Khun Jitti told Joe).

The different between “Sea Pearl” and “Freshwater Pearl”

Sea Pearl – sphere
Freshwater Pearl – round or near round

Sea Pearl – white, black, golden
Freshwater Pearl – white, black, golden, grey, pink, and others

Sea Pear – extremely shiny
Freshwater Pearl – shiny or dim

Special thanks: Khun Jitti, Joe, Phuket Pearl Factory


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