Does it enough to build up “Marina” in Phuket?

After a meeting for the 5th Environmental Impact Assessment 2009 in Phuket’s preservation area, the committees have concerned an uncontrollable impact on environment from coral to sea grasses and villagers’ way of life.

As a HOT News, had asked Mr.Thongchai Poowachiranon, Director of Regional Environmental Office 15 Phuket, about this topic.

Mr. Thongchai said “As all we know that Phuket has many transportable piers around both of east and west coast. On the other hands, a pier at Royal Marina Phuket is used for tourism industry following the Phuket city’s policy. We absolutely gain more profits from that, but natural resources is also decreased at the same time.”

“The rapidly lands buying from the private sector are our concerning, we are trying to explain to them how important for Phuket natural resources are. We will not allow any other marina construction.  Private sector will be asked to use existing public marina. Actually, the plenty of nature and coastal resources are main attractive to travelers”, he said.

From the other side of a villager, Mr.Somrak Nonthakhan, a local fisherman, said “From my point of view, it is unfair to us  for construction a world-class marina on our place to earn a living. Anyway, if it occurs, how do anyone can guarantee the same way of our living?


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