Can Phuket Catch The Big Fish?

Phuket had exclusive to talk with  Worrasit Issara, Chan Issara Group’s about special topic “Can Phuket catch the big fish?”

1. What’s high end in your point of view?

High-end or upmarket focuses on quality, price and location. They always would like to get high quality with value – not over charge with providing low products or services.

2.What’s Sri panwa genuine target market? Where do you position Sri panwa?

Our target market is valuable, they come from many countries like a few month from Korea, a few months could be Thailand, depending on their date, time or season in a year. We though that serving the right people at the right time is a key.

3. Why high end is important?

Of course, high end is very important because the tourism diversification. Phuket is in the war of mass tourism and Thailand is not known as the backpacker paradise, they also bring more value to the region.

4. What could be attracted high end developers to Phuket?

Even though the high end market is only about one or two percent of the whole market, but they are important. Location wise and Logistics wise – we have a best location to serve them, Phuket is open and easy to access through planes, cars, and we have all infrastructure  – Phuket could be the south of France in Asia. Phuket is ready for high end, serving them through the big brands like Amanpuri, Banyan Tree, JW Marriott. Many people often think the high end market is such a big market, but it is a misunderstanding.

5. You have experiences about high end market all around the world, which countries or cities are the real high end in your opinion?

They are from London, Monaco, Switzerland, Milan, Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Anyway, every country has a high end market, just depend on how style can be.

6. With the current financial crisis, how does it affect high end market’s decision making? And how does it affect Sri panwa?

It affects on luxury products like yacht, sport cars, houses, luxurious properties, these products people do not want to spend their money but after a year, market is changing, market flow is coming back . Luckily, almost properties were sold out last year and we are planing to build a new phase, as well.  I think the financial crisis is our advantages to become stronger in our team, our management.

7. What’s Phuket high end market in the next few years? Stable, increase, or decrease?

I think it should be alright. People need to do more marketing in their products and services because money can not buy love and clients. You seriously must do homework to get customers and learning marketing from reading, traveling  and exactly know what’s in? and  what’s out ?


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