Apology to Mr Chanuphon Yodsamai

Apology to Mr Chanuphon Yodsamai

Apology to Mr Chanupol Yodsamai
Phuketindex.com Magazine Vol.15

In the Alternative Health options article in February 2012, volume 15 of Phuketindex.com we published a photo for the section relating to Rue Sri Dat Ton which we believed belonged to Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness. In February 2010, volume 7 Phuketindex.com, we published an interview with a Mr Chanuphon Yodsamai, who at the time was employed by Sukko Spa. The uniform he wore in the photo for our interview in 2010 is identical to the uniform to that in the photo in the fore mentioned photo and it was therefore our belief that he was still currently employed by them and therefore we used the photo in the fore mentioned article.

However, it has now been brought to our attention that Mr Chanuphon Yodsamai is no longer a member of Sukko Spa staff and that the picture is actually the property of Mr Chanuphon Yodsamai and not Sukko Spa, as we believed. We apologise to Mr Chanuphon Yodsamai for any upset we have caused by using this photo.

If you wish to know more about the traditional Thai exercise Rue Sri Dat Ton you may contact Mr Chanuphon Yodsamai on 086 527 1337 www.facebook.com/chanuphon


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