9 days of Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Phuket is one of the few provinces where we can see most of people are wearing in white during the Vegetarian festival. This year the festival falls into October 18-26, 2009. Year after year, there are more and more participants join this festival. Those including not Phuket-born and non-Chinese Phuketians.

Why they become a vegetarian?

  • 1st group: Being vegetarian for personal health
  • 2nd group: Vegetarians who have mercy for animals
  • 3rd group: For likely the same reason as 2nd group, they worry about karma considering eating meats is equal to killing animals.
  • 4th group: People who believe in the motto “When in Rome do as Roman do.”

How good is a vegetarian diet?

It is believed that eating a vegetarian diet, you’re likely benefiting from the natural detoxifying. Vegetables and fruits will better your digestive system and the circulatory system works well.


10 Rules for the Vegetarian Festival

  1. Cleanliness of bodies during the festival
  2. Clean kitchen utensils and to use them seperately from other who do not join the festival
  3. Wear white during the festival
  4. Behave physically and mentally
  5. No meat eating
  6. No sex
  7. No alcoholic drinks
  8. People at mourning period should not attend the festival
  9. Pregnant ladies should not watch any ritual
  10. Ladies with period should not attend the ritual

This 9 days period festival seems to be the only chance you can see Phuketians gather together to continue their important traditions. So come and join.


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    Eating vegetable is good for health. For people who are generally concern about your own wellness, you ought to quit consume meats and go for vegetable correct away. Many vegetable recipe now is not truly health but are delicous too. So just try for one month even you’re afraid of not able to sustain on it.


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