Phuket plans to open marine victim help centre

Phuket plans to open marine victim help centreOn 16th December 2013 at the Phuket office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Phuket Governor – Maitree Intusut presided over a meeting for Coastal Marine Security for the Andaman region. Alo in attendance were Phuket Vice Governor – Sommai Preechasil, Captain Kritsada Rattanasupa from the Royal Thai Navy Phuket, PPAO President – Paiboon Upatising and Director of the Phuket Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation – San Jantawong.

Khun Maitree said “Phuket is famous for its world-class attractions and it’s imperative that we take care of security along the coastal region to build the confidence of tourists. The British Embassy has raised the importance of this issue and wants us to ensure that those involved have the necessary materials, equipment and training needed to do the job with maximum effect. This is required to achieve operational efficiency in all departments, and even the public and private sectors must join hands to help. We are also preparing to discuss the possibility of opening a marine victim help centre in Phuket in the near future.”

Phuket Tourist Association supporting Tourist Care project

Phuket Tourist Association supporting Tourist Care projectOn 11th December 2013 at Phuket Police Station, Khun Suchart Hirunkanokkul – President of the Thai Hotels Association Southern Chapter and Khun Bhuritt Maswongssa – Phuket Tourist Association Committee together presented t-shirts, hats and money towards supporting the “Phuket Police Tourist Care” project initiated by Phuket Police Headquarters. Pol Maj Gen Ong-Art Piuruengnon – Phuket Provincial Police Commander was on hand to receive the gifts.

Khun Bhuritt said “The Phuket Tourist Police Care project has been set up to take more care of Phuket’s tourists. This is being achieved with the setting up of a series of patrols who are there to assist tourists in every beach location. To date this has been very successful, and from feedback we have received the tourists are they are very satisfied that the patrols are there. The tourism private sector in Phuket recognizes the benefits of the project and wishes to offer continued support in order to help take care of the security of both business and leisure travellers. Therefore, today we are presenting the Tourist Care workers with t-shirts, hats, along with a financial donation of 10,000 baht per month for the next 6 months.”

Phuket designates alcohol free water fight zones for Songkran

Phuket designates alcohol free water fight zones for SongkranThere have been many media reports recently relating to the government wanting to dramatically reduce the number of injuries and fatalities this coming Songkran, and Bangkok is not the only area to be implementing measures to assist with the task.

Phuket has already announced a ban on pickup trucks being allowed to drive around with beds full of people eager to drench even the most unsuspecting people, and now it has been announced that there are to be 6 designated alcohol free water fight zones, where those wanting to can be part of the action can do so mare safely.

If you’ve been here for any amount of time and you’ve witnessed how crazy and out of control Songkran can become, I’m sure you’ll agree that the police are not being killjoys but realise that some kind of action has to be taken to get what should be a fun event more under control, and the number of injuries and fatalities down.

The 6 designated alcohol free water fight zones are:

1. Sapan Hin Park

2. Kata-Karon

3. Bangla Patong

4. Kamala Park

5. Sirinart Nation Park, Mai Khaw

6. Surin Beach

If you are going out to take part in the year’s Songkran please take care of yourself and those who you are out with.

Phuket welcomes Lao Road Safety Network

Phuket welcomes Lao Road Safety NetworkOn 24th December 2012, Dr.Sommai Preechasilp – Deputy Governor of Phuket welcomed Mr.Sriwon Thrapthawee, Mr.Boontean Saidon and a number of the team from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic’s (Lao PDR) Road Safety Network.

The team came to Phuket to learn about how Phuket found solutions to reducing the death toll from road accidents from around 200 to 100 cases per year.

They also learned that Phuket has now been ranked second in Thailand’s table of the provinces which wear the most motorcycle helmets.