Representatives From Association Of Islamic Ethics Promotion Phuket Meet With PPAO President


Parinya Prayatsap, President of the Association of Islamic Ethics Promotion, on January 29 met with President Paiboon to extend his New Year’s wishes and took part in a meeting with PPAO officials. Mr Parinya was accompanied by members of the Association and leaders of Phuket mosques. PPAO officials present were: Vice President Soratham Jinda and President Advisor Jeerasak Tortip.

The meeting discussed the organization of Qur’an reciting competition, scheduled to take place from March 27 – April 5, 2015 at Tung Ka Mosque in Mai Khao subdistrict, Thalang.

PPAO Holds Meeting To Prepare For “Or Bor Jor Sanjorn” In Sri Suntorn Area, Thalang



PPAO officials on January 27 held a meeting at Sri Suntorn Municipality to prepare for the second Or Bor Jor Sanjorn (mobile service stations fair) of the fiscal year 2015 to be held in Sri Suntorn area in Thalang district.

Chaired by Vice President Soratham Jinda, the meeting was attended by Council Chairman Theera Jiasakul, Deputy Council Chairman Sakchai Chaowai, Council Members Prasit Sinsaowapak, Kantapat Pisitkunanon, Prawat Pimanprom, Sontaya Suntarak, and Wisansaya Polsin. Representing Sri Suntorn Municipality at the meeting were Sri Suntorn Mayor Worawut Songyot and staff of the Municipality as well as involved officials from both offices. The second Or Bor Jor Sanjorn for the fiscal year 2015 is being funded and organized by PPAO who works in collaboration with Phuket Provincial Authority and Sri Suntorn Municipality. The aim of the operation is to assess the public’s needs by meeting up with people on the grassroots level and opening the “people forum” in order to tailor suitable plans for future public services. Central to the fair are service stalls set up by government and private agencies, entertainments and the “people forum,” designed to gather opinions from the public in relation to community reconciliation and national reform as outlined by the Reconciliation Centre for Reform (RCR). The meeting has designated Khum Nam Bang Maruan in Sri Suntorn subdistrict, Thalang, as the site for the fair, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 21, at 8 am – 2 pm. It also agreed upon details of the operation which are divided into three categories namely, stage entertainment to be performed by students and locals, service stations, and the “people forum” to assess the public’s needs under the roles and duties of PPAO.

PPAO Awards Winners Of Khao Yam Cooking Contest At 7th Phuket Local Food Festival



PPAO Council Chairman Theera Jiasakul on January 24 awarded prizes to winners of khao yam (rice salad) cooking contest and to owners of the most hygienic food stalls at the seventh Phuket Local Food Festival organized by PPAO in Sapan Hin main stage.

Mr Theera was accompanied by Council Member Prasit Sinsaowapak. Slogan at the Phuket Local Food Festival was “delicious without alcohol.” Winners of khao yam cooking contest were: Nongnapas Sematrakul (winner); Chaba Ritnoom (first runner-up), and Sirinat Keonui (second runner-up). All received a plaque each and prize money of 5,000, 3,000 and 2,000 baht respectively. Winners of hygienic stalls were: Kukwan (winner); Khao Yam Baipahom Phuket (first runner-up); and Nitaya Sarapat Tod (third runner-up). The judging of hygienic stalls was based on the types of utensils used, and whether staff wore caps and traditional dresses. Additionally, prizes were given to the winner of local food photography contest, Chusak Uthaipanumas. This project was given support by Cannon. Furthermore, stalls inside the festivals have collected a donation of 64,500 baht towards the treatment welfare fund of PPAO Hospital. An earning of 6,554 baht of a small school band from PPAO Ban Mai Riap School was also added to this donation.

PPAO Hosts Morning Session Meeting Of Government OffIcials


Representing PPAO, President Paiboon Upattising hosted the “morning session meeting” of government officials at the Conference Room in Phuket Pearl Hotel on the morning of Thursday, January 22. Chaired by Governor Nisit Jansomwong, the meeting was attended by officials from PPAO, Vice Governor Somkiat Sangkaosuttirak, local government official Satit Klinpakdee as well as chiefs of local administration offices throughout the island.

PPAO officials present were: Vice President Soratham Jinda, President Advisor Boonserm Suwannarathphoom, and division heads. The meeting discussed various public projects including: the installation of CCTV to increase public security and boost tourist confidence; the construction of a bicycle lane in Suan Luang public park slated for the fiscal year 2016; the management of various piers; the extension of Phuket deep sea port; and a call to set up a budget for flood mitigation operations; among others. Additionally, PPAO has extended invitations to all chiefs of local administrative officers to take part in a networking meeting on public works development and planning (Phuket Clinic Center). The meeting is scheduled to take place at the Council Meeting Room at PPAO offices at 10 am on February 6, 2015.

Visit By Representatives Of Islamic Committee Phuket And Other Islamic Organizations


Leading a team of committee members, Chairman of Islamic Committee of Phuket Komol Dumlak, together with former Chairman of ICP Bamrung Sampaorat, visited PPAO offices to extend his New Year’s wishes to President Paiboon Upattising. Also present were administrators of Muslim Wittaya Phuket and local religious leaders.

The team also discussed with President Paiboon about various projects in relation to the promotion of Muslim ethics in Phuket.

PPAO Hosts Ceremony For Giving Award To Shop Of Good Performance Phuket Local Food Festival


PPAO led by President of PPAO – Paiboon Ubatising also with member of PPAO committee which have total 131 shops who be participated of The 7th Anniversary PHUKET LOCAL FOOD FESTIVAL

And have sloga for this event is Delicious without Alcohol. Event commencing date on January 20, 2015 till January 24, 2015 at Sapan Hin Bridge, Muang Phuket To organizing in this event by Phuket Provincial Administration Organization with the Department of Health Promoting. Joined together to held with the purpose to develop and promote tourism in Phuket. Phuket local food culture by bringing a presentation to the media in the travel market. To create an alternative for tourists visiting the citys attractions. The activities include cooking oil Vigo biggest pot in the world. Match the stone Phuket The contest local Phuket concert with amusement activities of students under the PAO. Phuket demonstration cooking, baking Thailand vegetable carving fruit ice booths, food and Cultural folk Phuket, which the organizers. this is a good starting point to create a new perspective. The tour of Phuket. By creating local to global standards for tourists, both foreign Thailand. Experience the cultural side of Phuket. With the cooperation of both government agencies. And private sector as well.

PPAO To Visit PatIences Who Live In Tambon Thepkasattree – Phuket Care Campaigne

PPAO Phuket care

Date on January 23, 2015 at 2.00 pm. Representing PPAO, Boonserm Suvarnratabhum – Advisory of PPAO also with Dr. Budda Buddajitradham – Eye specialist from PPAO Hospital PPAO and others of Public Health officers PPAO included nurses, physiotherapists from PPAO and volunteers of PCU MUD DOK KAO go together to visit the chronic patients and disabled people at home. This is the monthly visiting month of January 2015 in Tambon Thepkasattri, Thalang Phuket. This is area in this way PPAO. They has given the set of visited, such as diapers, powder soaps towels, etc. to the patients 7 cases.

PPAO Organized Teacher’s Day 2015 For Respect And Honorable To Great Teacher Who Work Great Performance


Date on January 6, 2015 at Jamjuri 1 Phuket Merlin Hotel in Phuket Town. Chawalin Na Nakorn – Deputy Vice minister of President of Phuket Provincial Administration Phuket Provincial to host TEACHER S DAY 2015 with slogan of Teacher Days is RESPECTFUL TO HONOURABLE TEACHERS AND OFFER GREAT VALUED INIMITABLE GRACE OF FAITH . The event also included Boonserm Suvarnradhaphum – consultant of PPAO president and Head of Department of PPAO and the honor of teacher participations and guests.

Phuket Provincial Administration Organization Has aims to foster and supporting teachers in all aspects. Objective is to provide teachers with honor and prestige position worthy. To Perform their duties responsibility with proud and efficiency. In the year 2015 there are group o teachers including goals. School administrators teachers under the PPAO. Phuket teachers competency enhancement project for basic education. (Separate subsidies Phuket Office of Elementary and Secondary Education grants Area Office Area 14) Personal brains and related staff totaling 500 peoples. For this form of Event facilities include commemorate of grace teachers the school administration and Award of appreciation to 5 persons presented certificate and a pin in honor of teachers award. A very good teacher for the year 2015 amounted to 25 persons the certificate. Dear teachers students and parents You re 19 and certificates. The Teacher Day 2015 a total of 22 persons activities performances and student dancers greeting by teachers under the PPAO. Phuket presentation presentation of Schools under the PPAO. Phuket. Having activities of students and teachers under the PPAO. Phuket and narration on the topic. Thank you for being a teacher by Mrs. Chattaya Udom Sricharoenchaikit being Speaker. Cawalit Na Nakorn said that The Teacher Day 2015 The objective is to remember the teachers encourage unity between fellow teachers. And strengthen the morale of teachers and educational personnel. Honor of administrators and teachers were awarded. This is a great opportunity for all to participate in the event today. It expresses goodness. The unified as a driving force of progress and stability in the profession. Cawalit Na Nakorn said that The Teacher Day 2015 The objective is to remember the teachers encourage unity between fellow teachers. And strengthen the morale of teachers and educational personnel. Honor of administrators and teachers were awarded. This is a great opportunity for all to participate in the event today. It expresses goodness. The unified as a driving force of progress and stability in the profession. Nowadays though technology has advanced to the era of globalization. Information without Borders But it can not replace the teacher. Because the study is not only to acquire knowledge. For information only more important is to nature a thinking individual autonomy and generous to others. Which requires only taught the technology one step further it s more like a teacher with more talent just so she had to cope with the development of self is always changing. And I am pleased and proud to have many teachers to develop the learning process of the students and the teachers. And the performance and quality output. It will be seen from many of you who have been teachers who have made the world. This is a good example and a model of development for the next fellow teachers. We sincerely hope that you which is at the heart of education reform to come together today. Will collaborate to develop the nations youth to be good with wisdom and morality in society can be happy. The purpose of education as defined in the National Education Art. However – Congratulations to all the teachers who had won. And thanks to the teacher and education to all who helped with the development of children and youth with the knowledge, skills and wisdom to apply knowledge to good use. The right to life, the creation of prosperity to the society and the nation. And thanks to all parties involved to work together to make this event is objective and complete.

PPAO Medical Outreach Team “Phuket Care” In Talard Yai And Talard Nua Subdistricts


President Advisor Boonserm Suwannarathphoom together with Council Member Supreeya Iam-wiwattanakul, on January 20 led a medical outreach team “Phuket Care” in visiting the homes of patients suffering from disability and chronic illness in Talard Yai and Talard Nua subdistricts in Phuket Town. Joining them were Dr Harinat Hattayapirom as well a team of health officers, nurses and therapists from PPAO Hospital, staff from Vachira Phuket Hospital, and local health volunteers from the two subdistricts. During this visit, PPAO donated gift packs containing items of hygiene (sanitary towels, soap, towels) to seven patients.

Phuket Care medical outreach program was established by PPAO who work regularly in collaboration with local health volunteers, with the aim of supporting housebound patients suffering from chronic illnesses or disability. The secondary aim is to encourage volunteers to play a bigger role in looking after patients in their own community so that the patients and families can lead a reasonably normal life and are able to look after themselves. This strong support system is invaluable and gives strength to patients and the disabled. The program also aims to develop a sense of public service and compassion among members of these communities. If you know someone who needs such support, please contact the Public Health Division of PPAO at 076 354 819, 076 354 820.

PPAO Officials In Meeting To Prepare For Two Heroines Celebration 2015


A meeting to prepare for the celebratory fair of the two Thalang heroines – Thao Thep Kasattri and Thao Sri Suntorn – for the year 2015 was chaired by Governor Nisit Jansomwong at the Andaman Meeting Hall of the Phuket Provincial Hall on January 13. Officials from involved agencies including PPAO and the Phuket Cultural Office participated in the meeting.

PPAO officials present were: Deputy Council Chairman Sakchai Chaowai and Council Member Sanya Srimuang. Representing the Phuket Cultural Office was Tawichart Intararit. The celebratory fair in honor of the two Thalang heroines is being funded by PPAO who has approved a budget of 6,000,000 baht for this purpose. The meeting outlined preparatory works and activities for the 3-day fair, which is scheduled to take place on March 13 – 15, 2015 at the Thalang Historic Monument area. PPAO is tasked with staging historical play with light and sound as well as traditional folk art area and stalls selling OTOP products and local dishes. Other agencies are tasked with activities such as a mass ordination (Saturday, March 7 at Anuphas Krisadaram Temple in Kathu), historical tours in Thalang, cross-country bicycle races (Sunday, March 8, at 11am, starting from Thalang Historical Monument), mini marathon race along Thalang historical route (Sunday, March 8, at 4pm), blessing rites for Thalang heroes (Thursday, March 12, at Muang Koramarapat, Tambon Thep Kasattri), wreath laying ceremony for the two heroines (Friday, March 13, 9.09am at the Two Heroines Monument).

Training Program For Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Volunteers

 Training Program For Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Volunteers

A training program for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Volunteers (NEV) was held at Prachakhom Hall, PPAO, on the morning of January 9, 2015. Vice President Chaowalit Na Nakon headed the program launch attended by Council Chairman Theera Jiasakul, Deputy Council Chairman Prasarn Prateep Na Thalang, division heads and staff of PPAO as well as officials from Regional 15 Environmental Office (Phuket), Phuket Conservation and Environment Office, local administrative officers, and 120 NEV members.

The program was divided into two parts – a one-day workshop on local refuse and wastewater management, and a one-week long field trip (January 11 – 17) to study the refuse and forest resources management, and eco-tourism in Nakon Ratchasima, Saraburi, Nakon Nayok, Pathum Thani, and Petchaburi. Funded and organized by PPAO, the program aimed to raise the potential of local NEV members and to build a strong network in which to operate. The organizer also hoped that, after the program, volunteers would become leaders of environmental management in their areas. The program, said Mrs Wassana Sriwilai, Director of Engineering Division of PPAO, followed the directives of NCPO in the area of refuse management which laid down rules for each local administrative office to follow. They were: 1. Management of leftover refuse and harmful rubbish, 2. Establishing of appropriate methods to deal with harmful waste, 3. Establishing rules for waste and harmful waste management, and 4. Promoting citizen knowledge and awareness in area of sustainable refuse management. Reminding participants that Phuket had to deal with up to 700 tons per day (statistics: 2014), Mr Chaowalit, said that If this problem were not addressed, it would cause many environmental problems. All members of communities, he said, must take part in helping to rectify this issue and preserve healthy environment. For the year 2015, PPAO has funded this particular program to raise awareness and efficiency of NEV members of all three districts as well as to raise their status and increase their experiences working with both government and private sectors. It was part of the PPAO’s work to develop a sustainable environmental conservation, said the Vice President.

High Turnout at 2015 National Children’s day Celebration Enlivened Provincial Hall

High Turnout at 2015 National Children’s day Celebration Enlivened Provincial Hall

Leading PPAO executives and officials, President Paiboon Upattising took part in the opening ceremony of the National Children’s Day celebration hosted by Governor Nisit Jansomwong at the Provincial Hall on the morning of January 10, 2015. The launch was attended by a number of children, teachers, parents and invited guests and members of the public.

In his opening speech, President Paiboon assured the public of PPAO’s special attention to the importance and recognition of young people. The celebration was organized to give opportunities for youths to show and tell their ability and creativity and to take pride in being Thai. It was also for them to enjoy the organized entertainment, build unity and confidence in free expression under the system of democracy with the King as the head of state. Activities included presentation displaying young people’s abilities, games, and shows. There were stalls set up by government agencies to entertain children, free food and drinks and gifts for all children who came to the fair. In organizing the celebration, PPAO has received support from a number of government agencies including Phuket Provincial Authority, executives and council members of PPAO, Phuket Regional Primary Education Office, Phuket Cultural Center, Extra-Curricular Education Phuket Office, Phuket College of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Phuket Vocational College, Phuket Polytechnic College, Phuket Public Health Office, PPAO Hospital, PPAO schools, teachers, parents, students and involved parties. Wishing all young people happiness, health, prosperity, and wisdom on this occasion, Governor Nisit said he hoped that they would also behave within the framework of social acceptance and commit to doing good for the society at large. He also reminded the crowd of the Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s motto for this year’s Children’s Day as “Knowledge and Morality Lead to the Future. In collaboration with the Phuket Provincial Authority, PPAO has turned the area in front of the provincial hall into one large fun fairground, which have seen a large turnout by youths and their parents. Later, the Governor and President Paiboon joined the students and PPAO council members in singing uplifting songs. Furthermore, Phuket Cultural Center offered awards to 80 “ethical” youths while the Thailand Business and Career Women Association Phuket gave away bicycles to 20 “grateful children” who won their titles on the National Father’s Day. Other activities included raffle prizes, visits to the PPAO Council Hall, entertainment by artist Tukky, Narit Magician Show as well as ‘Of’ Chanapol.