Little voices to Mothers on Thailand Mother’s day

August 12 is Her Majesty Queen Sirikit Royal Birthday Anniversary. We join all loyal and devoted subjects of the kingdom in wishing Her Majesty the Queen a long life of good health and happiness.

In Mother’s Day, Thais normally give white jasmine garland to mothers. The idea came about because of the flower’s decent properties – it’s soft and pure white and has a long-lasting, sweet smell. It is traditionally believed that white jasmine represents the selfless virtue of a mother who thinks more about the needs, happiness and wants of other people than about herself. had a chance to talk with 3 lovely students. What do they want to tell their mums?

Juthatip Tanpradit (Fon), Mattayom 2 Student from Satree Phuket School
“My mum is absolutely gorgeous. She’s so smart. I love mum the way she is even if sometime she’s too much worry about me. I love my mum and hope that she’s healthy, wealthy, and being with me forever.”

Julaluck Pimarn (Nan), Mattayom 6 Student from Satree Phuket School
“Mum always trust in me. No matter what I do, she knows I never disappointed her. She’s very kind and I do think she’s my best friend. We talk, share, and care to each other. I promise that I’ll be your good daughter as always. I love you mum.”

Jaruwat Cheaw-aram (Dome), Mattayom 6 Student from Phuket Wittayalai School
“Mum lets me walk my own way. I have freedom to think and do whatever I want to do.  She always gives me good suggestions. I can say that I never say I love her but I know she knows I love her every minute of my life. Thanks mum, you’re always the best.”

Mr. Sethaphan Buddhani
Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand, Phuket Office

When we were children most of us dreamed about riches, big houses, fast cars or something similar, but Khun Sethaphan Buddhani, the incumbent Director of Tourism for Phuket did not. From an early age he became aware of the inequalities in life and developed a deep concern for the poorest members of Thai society.