Phuket’s Super Cheap Awaits Insurance Companies Visits

Phuket’s Super Cheap Awaits Insurance Companies VisitsPPAO Council Members – Mr Kantapat Pisitkunanon recently announced that after speaking to Super Cheap’s main branch manager, representatives from the business’ two insurance companies, one from the USA and the other from Korea, are likely to visit the site next week to survey and assess the damage from the fire which happened on 16th October 2013. From his past experience he said that the insurance companies need to receive stored date from the store and evaluate the damage within a month of the event, if this is not done then it will be unlikely that the company will be able to do anything.

Khun kantapat added ”If we leave the site as it is for a month or longer then there will be a stench from rotten food and goods which may not be safe for the local community. Therefore it is essential that coordination between the store’s owners and insurance companies are accelerated so that the site can be completely cleared and any unhygienic matters can be removed to save the environment.”