Phuket Ronins KO’d by Ancient Warriors

Phuket Ronins KO’d by Ancient WarriorsI have witnessed a ten man football team win a game before, but I cannot remember ever seeing a ten man side score 3 goals to win a game. But that’s what was witnessed by just over 1,000 frustrated Phuket FC fans last night as they took on Ayuthaya in the 2nd round of the Thai FA Cup, which saw the visitors go home with a 3 – 4 victory, and one, perhaps more Phuket fans in tears.

Yes, it was an exciting game, but what game that sees 7 goals wouldn’t be, but Ayuthaya, who were down to 10 men with 10 minutes remaining in the first half, played the remainder of the game like they still had 11 men on the pitch, whilst Phuket played like they had 9.

Phuket Ronins KO’d by Ancient WarriorsWhen a side goes down to 10 men so early, their opponents usually make them run for their money to drain their energy, Phuket didn’t, and they were the ones running for their money. Once again, the presence of Phuket’s Japanese defender Sato was greatly missed, it was simple defensive mistakes, or should I say lack of defence that gave Ayuthaya their 4 scoring chances. And Coach Teco’s decision to replace Tales Dos Santos, the strongest Phuket defender on the pitch, with Christian Alex, a player who has done little or nothing to help his side to victory this season was seriously questionable, and done nothing for his team’s defensive strategy.

The start of the season looked promising for Phuket FC, but unfortunately it appears that they are starting to go the same way as in previous seasons. But I for one certainly hope they can turn around their run of 2 lost games around this Saturday, 26th April, when they take on Nakhon Pathom in their 9th Yamaha Division 1 game of the season, a game they really need to win to keep them in contention for promotion to the Thai Premier league. Kick off is at 6.30pm at Surakul Stadium.

FIFA donates balls to Phuket Football Youth Academy

FIFA donates balls to Phuket Football Youth AcademyThe Fédération Internationale de Football Association or FIFA recently donated a number of Adidas Tango 12 Footballs (The official match association football of the UEFA Euro 2012) to the Kata Group Youth Football Academy, part of the Phuket FC youth team.

The ball is named for the original and successful Adidas Tango family of footballs, but the Tango 12 and its variations have a completely new design. The Adidas Tango 12 features a modern interpretation of the design including a coloured outline inspired by the flags of the two host nations – Poland and Ukraine. Complementing the design, the adidas Tango 12 features a series of triangular panels that are thermally bonded together to ensure a true, stable flight path. Covering each panel of the ball is a grip texture which supports boot to ball contact and enhances ball control. Beneath the outer surface of the ball lies a woven carcass and a new bladder for increased air retention and reduced water uptake.

Variations of the ball have been used in other contemporary competitions including the African Cup of Nations and the Summer Olympics.

Coach of Kata Group Football Academy – Khun Sutha Jantra said “Playing football is a good way to keep kids away from trouble and drugs, and it also help them become strong and healthy. The Kata Group Youth Football Academy offers coaching for football basics to children aged between 6-10 years. However, when they advance they will also benefit from other health matters and personal skills such as creating muscle strength and adapting to playing in a team, which will be of great benefit to young people in the future. We are now able to regularly send a team to participate in national competitions, and we hope to get the attention of more young people and parents so that we can increase the number of participants in our soccer training program.”