Happy in Phuket Exhibition by IDS8

Happy in Phuket Exhibition by IDS8The Pavillions Phuket is thrilled to be welcoming back resident artist Isara Thaothong, alias IDS8, and his plethora of magical characters, led by the iconic Peepho and his robot ego Moi.

Following the success of last year’s exhibition, Isara has chosen the colourful backdrop of The Plantation Bar to present his latest collection, created exclusively for The Pavillions Phuket.

Enjoy browsing his unique artwork and spotting references to Phuket’s famous sights and landmarks.

Join IDS8 and the Pavilions’ team at the opening of Happy in Phuket on Friday 24th October 2014 at The Plantation Bar.
Complimentary cocktails and canapés from 6.30pm – 7.30pm

The happy in Phuket collection by IDS8 will be on show and for sale from 24th October until 22nd November 2014.

To find outmore aboutIDS8 and his artwork please visit: http://live.phuketindex.com/ids8-an-artist-awake-in-his-dream-2413.html

Nature-Culture Solo Exhibition at Phuket’s Boathouse by Montara

Nature-Culture Solo Exhibition at Phuket’s Boathouse by Montara Mrs. Marie-Laure Fleury, General Manager of Boathouse by Montara on Kata Beach, recently launched a solo exhibition titled “Nature-Culture” by Phuket-based artist – Ms. Chompu Saetae – on display at the resort lobby until end of October 2014.

“I’m so very proud and delighted to be reviving a long-running tradition at Boathouse by Montara to help promote local artists to prominence”, said Khun Marie.

“This is the first in what’s going to be a continuous series of exhibitions throughout the year by up and coming artists with great potential whom we hope will soar to greater heights in the art world not only in Phuket but also internationally given the high profile of guests staying or visiting Boathouse by Montara”, Khun Marie further stated.

Artist Chompu Saetae is a graduate of the College of Fine Arts and Chanapatana International Design Institute in Bangkok. She has previously staged numerous exhibitions in Bangkok including at the National Gallery; PTT Thailand exhibition at the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Art, Silapakorn University; special art show by women artists group at Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel; and an exhibition titled “New Ecologies” at Sheraton Pattaya Resort. She has also showcased her private collections in Thailand, Singapore, China, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, USA, and Dubai.

The “Nature-Culture” art exhibition is open to the public daily from now until 31 October 2014.

For more information, please call Boathouse by Montara, tel. 66 (0) 76 330 015-7; or contact the artist directly on e-mail: chompusaetae@yahoo.com.

Phuket’s VR Gallery opens latest exhibition

Phuket’s VR Gallery opens latest exhibitionSaturday 19th April 2014 saw Singburi born but Phuket based artist Luxsana (Nok) Charernsri open her latest exhibition, Love is the Reason, at Mom Tri’s Villa Royale’s VR Gallery.

Nok studied art at the Faculty of Fine Arts Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a Major in Painting and Minor in Sculpture. She currently teaches art at Phuket International Academy Day School.

The exhibition runs until 30th June 2014.

Phuket’s VR Gallery opens latest exhibitionTo see more photos from the opening please visit: http://events.phuketindex.com/love-is-the-reason-exhibition-at-vr-gallery-2589.html

Love is the Reason Exhibition at Phuket’s VR Gallery

Love is the Reason Exhibition at Phuket’s VR GalleryVR Gallery at Phuket’s Mom Tri’s Villa Royale is pleased to announce the dates for its latest exhibition; Love is the Reason by Luxsana Charernsri (Nok).

Born in the Singburi province, in central Thailand, Nok studied art from 2001 to 2006 at the Faculty of Fine Arts Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a Major in Painting and Minor in Sculpture.

In 2005, the Thai Ministry of Culture, Office of the National Culture Commission and the Thai Art Council. Thailand supported Nok to help her attend an Art museum and Curation field trip and art workshop in USA. At the same time, she was awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Culture (MOC) to put on an exhibition in Bangkok.

Nok is currently an assistant arts teacher at the island’s private Phuket International Academy Day School, and also provides one-on-one private lessons, and holds various kid and adult group art classes.

The exhibition opens on 19th April 2014 and runs until 30th June 2014.

Love is the Reason Exhibition at Phuket’s VR Gallery

Phuket to host Moments of Motherhood Exhibition

Phuket to host Moments of Motherhood Exhibition The Gallery Café by Pinky, the charming café in the heart of old town Phuket which many describe as ‘straightforwardly cool’, is moving to its new location on Yaowarad Road.

As it transitions to its new location, Gallery Café brings us “Moments of Motherhood {M.O.M.}, a mixed media art collection by Filipino-Canadian artist Paulina Constancia. Paulina integrates scrap fabric and add-ons to her paintings on canvas to symbolize the moments mother and child share everyday. She says, “It’s these little moments that matter; it’s these moments that we remember.” The M.O.M. Collection has been exhibited in Indonesia, Japan and now Thailand – with upcoming shows in Singapore (April), the Philippines (May) and Malaysia (TBC).

Paulina Constancia (b.1970) is an artist-poet who shares her art and poetry wherever life takes her. Her art has been described as naive, sincere, witty and whimsical. She is one busy artist with creating in her studio, blogging [daily-dose-of-art.com], teaching arts and crafts as well as conducting art therapy for women and children in the Asia-Pacific Region.  She currently lives in Singapore with her husband and son. A permanent collection of the artist’s works may be viewed at the PAULINA CONSTANCIA Museum of Naïve Art in Cebu, Philippines. (www.mona-cebu.com). Artist’s website: www.paulinaconstancia.com

If great food and cool ambience are not enough reason to drop by, Gallery Café by Pinky brings us heartwarming art. Come and join us for the opening of Paulina Constancia’s Moments of Motherhood exhibition on Monday, February 24 at 6:30 pm.

Show runs Feb 24-27. Hours are: 8am to 10 pm at Gallery Café by Pinky’s new location on 19 Yaowarad Road, Muang, Phuket.

Phuket to host Moments of Motherhood Exhibition

Phuket Old Town Sketcher 2014

Phuket Old Town Sketcher 2014On February 8th2014, Phuket’s The Attitude Club held the Sketchwalk Workshop, where attendees got the chance to learn how to sketch with watercolors. The Attitude Club was honored to have skilled watercolors sketcher Mr. Thiwawat Pataragulwanit on hand to guide attendees on how to start sketching and shared painting tips for the beginners.

Phuket Old Town Sketcher 2014In addition to the workshop, in order to support the Phuket Old Town Festival 2014, held during February 7th – 9th, 2014, The Attitude Club was invited by Phuket municipality to organize the Phuket Old Town Sketchwalk 2014 which was attended by famous artists from Penang and Bangkok who came to sketch the old town and exhibit their art pieces at Phuket Thai Hua Museum. The exhibition runs until February 28th 2014.

Phuket Old Town Sketcher 2014

Phuket’s Breeze at Cape Yamu hosts contemporary arts exhibition

Phuket’s Breeze at Cape Yamu hosts contemporary arts exhibition	On Saturday 21st December 2013, Bangkok based artist Richard Skene opened his first Phuket Art Exhibition entitled “The Road of Excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom” at Breeze Restaurant, Cape Yamu.

In addition to having a Thai flavour, has a common theme of the “pursuit of happiness”, which is one of the three “unalienable rights” in the United States of America’s Declaration of Independence* and a key principle of Buddhism. That such superficially conflicting forces of capitalism and religion share the same destination suggests the path to happiness may not be straightforward, and short cuts may be counter-productive.

Phuket’s Breeze at Cape Yamu hosts contemporary arts exhibition
Bangkok based artist Richard Skene (left)

Although Thailand is a welcoming, tolerant and spiritual place, Bangkok provides abundant opportunities for hedonism.  So, like the Yin-Yang, the “City of Angels” is a centre of energy, within which contrary but complementary forces co-exist.  Those who deviate from the true path may, after a period of trial and error, reach the same conclusion as William Blake, who wrote “The Road of Excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom”.  In short, the collection represents a visual journey: from Hedonism to Buddhism in Bangkok.

Richard was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and lives in Bangkok, Thailand.

Phuket’s Breeze at Cape Yamu hosts contemporary arts exhibition

Phuket’s Breeze at Cape Yamu hosts contemporary arts exhibition
To see more photos from this event please visit: http://events.phuketindex.com/art-exhibition-at-breeze-at-cape-yamu-2353.html

Reflections on Nature Exhibition at Phuket’s VR Gallery

Reflections on Nature Exhibition at Phuket’s VR Gallery Cocktail Reception on Saturday 19 October, 2013 at 19.00 hrs at VR Gallery adjacent to Mom Tri’s Villa Royale.  Everyone is welcome.

On show at VR Gallery from October 15 to 12 December, 2013.

Christiane Wyler began her career as a textile designer, graduating with a Diploma in Textile design from Muenchberg University in Germany. She developed her career in Switzerland working in a variety of industries for fashion houses, sportswear and aircraft soft furnishing design.

Her interest in fine art began with water colours. She first painted on Silk using mixed media to combine colours and texture with astonishing effect. Her latest works are vibrant landscape and floral compositions which offer us a glimpse into a very unique artistic vision of the nature realm.

She is now a resident in Phuket, Thailand with her husband Walter, and dog Kasper.

For more information about the artist please visit: www.christiane-wyler.com

Phuket to hold ‘World in Grey’ analog photography show

Phuket to hold ‘World in Grey’ analog photography showPhuket is to see its very first Black & White film photography exhibition, organized by the Phuket Darkroom Club or PDC. Audiences will be able to enjoy the beauties and charms of more than 50 selective and refined B & W photos from the PDC members. Among the display will be old and rare photos of Phuket taken by admired local photographers that have not been published anywhere before. These valuable photos include His Majesty the King and the Queen’s during their visit to Phuket in 1959, an aerial view of Phuket, way of livings, old architecture, and the historic tin dredger. All of the featured photos have been made using genuine and authentic darkroom process, something which is hardly used in the modern era. In addition, visitors will have an opportunity to see a group of brilliant Black & White film photos from the masters who have crafted and refined their works to exclusively join the event.

Phuket to hold ‘World in Grey’ analog photography show

Phuket to hold ‘World in Grey’ analog photography showVenue: Chalermraja Cultural Center (former Charter Bank) Corner of Thepkrasattri & Phangnga Roads
Period: 1-14 May, 2013
Exhibition Hours: 11.00 am – 8.00 pm daily
Organizer: Phuket Darkroom Club (PDC)

About Phuket Darkroom Club

Phuket to hold ‘World in Grey’ analog photography showPhuket Darkroom Club or PDC was founded in March 2012 by a small group of Black & White film photography lovers, using a small darkroom in the back office of Rijira’s kitchen supplier as a rendezvous for members’ gatherings, where they exchange their experiences and passions about the monochrome world, and sometimes, continue their conversation in the tiny darkroom while enjoying their print development till late into the night.

It was unofficially started in Phuket back in 2010 by two gentlemen who are passionate about Black & White film photography, Kettepon Rijiranuwat (Sak) and Achitrawit Churmung (Loong). The two men shared their dreams and visions to build a good quality darkroom that can be used for Black & White film and print development and to enjoy it as a hobby. Furthermore, unlike digital photography whose popularity is rapidly increasing, Black & White film photography was gradually disappearing. Not even one Black & White film and print development shop can be found in Phuket town. Sak and Loong found that it was an inspiring point and huge encouragement for anyone, particularly Black & White film photography beginners who wanted a chance to use a proper darkroom…..and this was the beginning of the PDC journey.

It won’t be picture perfect for PDC without Jose. Jose Louise Gay, a former Spanish Consulate in Phuket, and a major Black & White film photography enthusiast. He had crossed paths with Sak and Loong during his years of service in Phuket and they became good friends. Jose bought a small shop house in Soi Soon-Uthis, converted it into his residence and used part of the space to keep the largest archives of glass plate negatives which he won at an auction from Liang-Eiw studio when it shut down several years ago. With a kind offer from Jose, a corner of his shop house was given to Sak and Loong to build their first darkroom and their dream was fulfilled. When Jose relocated to New Zealand a year later, the darkroom was moved to a new home, which was attached to Rijira’s office.

In March 2012, a third member, Prapas Kianpotiramared AKA Tard joined the group and they decided to officially form the PDC. They use Facebook as a channel to communicate with members and to share their passion, they regularly post valuable quotes from great and famous Black & White film photographers, useful techniques, beauties and loves, knowledge and photos shot by members,. In the same month the first basic Black & White film photography course was conducted and more members have joined the group since.

To date, PDC has more than a dozen active members in Phuket who meet on a regular basis to go out and shoot films and return to the PDC office to develop and prints them. Several Black &White photography courses have been organized for members and other peoples during the past year allowing them to explore Black & White film photography and gain knowledge and experience of a darkrooms working. PDC currently has more than 200 friends and members on Facebook and the number is increasing.

It’s an honor for PDC members to have an opportunity to exhibit our first Black & White film photography at the Chalermraja Cultural Centre during 1-14 May, 2013. We hope that visitors will enjoy our works that portray the beauty, heritage, culture, and the love they have for their homeland through the Black & White film photography.

For more information, please follow them at:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/355969014457391/