Study in SwitzerlandThe Swiss Federal Government offers a number of scholarships to foreign postgraduate students (Master’s degree holders) only who wish to pursue post-graduate studies in their field of interest at a Swiss university. The scholarships are granted mainly for subjects which can not be studied in the student’s country of origin, but are considered important for the development of the country. Furthermore, they are intended to support graduates whose financial situation does not permit to study abroad.

The candidates must be less than 35 years old (01.01.1975 and younger) and have a good knowledge of either French, German or Italian (official Swiss languages of university instruction) in order to be able to follow the courses without difficulties.

For interested people, the Embassy recommends to study carefully the full information for foreign candidates for a Swiss university scholarship academic year 2010-2011 which can be found at especially the paragraph “Application requirements”.

If you feel after its lecture that you qualify for a scholarship please contact the Embassy in order to receive the following documents in electronic form:

  • Application for a Swiss Government Scholarship
  • Medical Certificate

The application file has to be submitted to this Embassy at the latest by 20th November 2009 for the
academic year 2010/2011. Please see the paragraph “Application procedure”.

Source: Embassy of Switzerland in Thailand

Click to access ScholarshipInformationEmbassy2010-2011.pdf