Phuket continuing for 100% helmets

Phuket continuing for 100% helmets

Phuket is still pushing hard with its campaign for 100% of riders & passengers on motorbikes to wear helmets. It is the law in Thailand that people on motorbikes wear a helmet be they foreigners, Thai, tourists, locals, young or old.

Statistics show that riders & passengers who wear a helmet have a 5% better chance of surviving an accident than those who don’t.

So please do not blame the police if you are stopped for not wearing a helmet, it is the law, and the helmets should be worn for your safety not theirs!!!

Phuket state land to go to three applicants

It has been announced by the Treasury Department that a large area of state land with plot number 155 at Baan Talad Nue District, Muang will be given to 3 applicants, Phuket Municipality (12-3-96 rai), Phuket Provincial Administration Organization (12-3-87 rai) and Court of Appeals Region 8th (13-0-23).

It has been agreed that the 3 departments will build offices and residential buildings for the Department of Primary Industries and Mines with a budget about 111,753,120 baht.

Mr.Thamrong Thongtan from Treasure of Phuket said “When the applications for the land were made we thought PPAO were suitable applicants, but we had to make sure if this was inside of the law. However, it was finally agreed that we give the land to the three departments who applied and that they should work together for the Department of Primary Industries and Mines.”

Please note, the featured photo is not part of the land featured in the news article.

Jobs for Foreigners in Thailand

Jobs for Foreigners in ThailandMany foreigners visit Phuket and become interested in staying for longer or making a life changing decision to move here. If you’re very lucky and have a large bank balance you can do so with ease. However, for those not in that position, it means that you will have to work.