Opening ceremony of Phuket’s Terminal-X

Opening Ceremony of Phuket’s Terminal-X On 24th February 2014 at Phuket International Airport, the opening ceremony was held for the airport’s new Terminal-X building, built to service charter flight passengers and reduce congestion at the old terminal. President of Airport of Thailand Co.,Ltd – Khun Makin Petplai presided  over the ceremony which was also attended by Chief Executive Officer of Airport of Thailand – Khun Pongsak Semson, Managing Director of Phuket Airport – Khun Pratheung Sornkum, Phuket Vice Governor – Khun Jamroen Thippayapongthada, PPAO Chief Executive  – Khun Paiboon Upatising, Former Phuket MP – Khun Raewat Areerob and Phuket Senator – Khun Thanyarat Achariyachai.

At the ceremony, Khun Makin said “Phuket International Airport was originally designed to accommodate 6.5 million passengers per year. However, at present there are more than 11 million per year, which causes congestion within the airport. Therefore, the management company approved the construction of the new passenger building, named Terminal –X, and other upgrades which will potentially increase the services of the airport.

“In the near future, these upgrades will allow up to 6 more airlines to travel in Phuket. With regards to the Terminal-X building, it has a total usage space of 1,320 m2, will accommodate 1,000 passengers per day and is open 24 hours a day.”

Phuket airport expansion to be taken slowly

Phuket airport expansion to be taken slowlyOn 11th February 2014 at Phuket Merlin Hotel in Phuket City, Phuket Airport Deputy Managing Director – Kanpat Mangkalasiri presided over a public meeting to listen opinions for a project initiated by Airport of Thailand (AOT) to study and prepare a master plan for the future of Phuket regional airport. The project, which is looking at all of AOT’s airport expansions, has also engaged a number of consultants including D103 Consortium and Netherlands Airport Consultants to listen to opinions and suggestions from participants with regards to for five-year, 10-year and 20-year expansion plans for the airport. Also in attendance and showing great interest in the discussions were Phuket Governor – Maitree Intusut and OrBorJor Phuket President – Paiboon Upatising.

Khun Kanpat said “Phuket International Airport is a major transportation hub and has an important role in connecting tourists to other regions in the country and abroad. As well as finding solutions to increasing air traffic capacity, we need to put together a long-term master plan to define the future direction of the airport. This objective of this project is to evaluate the potential and limitations of the Phuket airport infrastructure so that it does not affect the regions natural attributes.”

Phuket International Airport Celebrates 25 Years

Phuket International Airport Celebrates 25 YearsOn 8th October 2013 at Royal Phuket City Hotel, Phuket Governor – Maitree Intusut presided over a party to celebrate Phuket International Airport 25th anniversary. Also in attendance were Managing Director of Phuket Airport – Khun Pratheung Sornkum, airline staff and local media.

Phuket International Airport Celebrates 25 YearsKhun Pratheung said “Phuket International Airport has now been servicing tourist for 25 years, and that srevice is still very much ongoing. We expect to see 11 million people pass through the airport in 2013 which is really too much for its original purpose. However, the airport expansion is now under way at a cost of over 5 billion baht; we hope that construction of the terminals will be complete by next year (2014).

Phuket Airport holds full scale emergency exercise

Phuket Airport holds full scale emergency exerciseOn 31th July 2013, Phuket Governor – Maitree Intusut presided over an exercise at Phuket International Airport entitled ‘Phuket International Airport Full Scale Emergency Plan Exercise’ or PEMEX 2013. Also present to watch over the exercise were Deputy General Manager Phuket International Airport – Wg. Cor.Learskrit Thongsrikrai, Head of Phuket’s Office for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation – Sun Jantarawong and staff from the airport’s various airlines.

PEMEX is a yearly exercise which International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requires all airports to undertake. Practicing such drills will help internal and external agencies involved to learn the correct operating standards set by the ICAO. All relevant agencies are required to participate in the exercise t ensure workers have the necessary knowledge to understand and be able to follow a plan should an actual event occur.

Phuket airport feeling the pressure

Phuket airport feeling the pressureAirports of Thailand reports April data showed increases in both aircraft movements and passenger traffic at Phuket International Airport.

According to figures released by AoT last week, Phuket International Airport’s International aircraft movements gained 24.98% from 2,546 to 3,182, while Domestic movements grew 7.73% from 2,394 to 2,579.

Both international and domestic passenger traffic grew 19.62% (770,906 to 922,171).

The figures released also show that so far in 2013 Phuket airport has received a total of 24,110 flights, 13,719 international and 10,391 domestic. Passenger levels have reached a total of 4,068,637 (2,347, 454 international & 1,721,183 domestic).

As a result of a passenger traffic boom, mainly from Asian airports, traffic growth is starting to put pressure on capacity and facilities at the airport.