Jian Grandma’s Restaurant [หมี่สะปำคุณยายเจียร] is one of the earliest and longest open hokkien noodle restaurant in Phuket. Well-known for its second to none stir-fried noodle (with seafood and egg) by their ancestor. But now, though it’s very popular among tourists and locals alike, I think the noodle isn’t that much yummy anymore.

Many decades passed, Khun Yai Jian Restaurant today in my opinion is like an old brand computer we can’t throw it away. There have to be someone want to get close to the legend (actually they are not), therefore we see the restaurant is often crowded as the brand still sells itself.

For me, it is Hoy Tod (Thai Fried Mussels with Eggs) and some other dishes like Hor Mok (Steamed Fish in Banana Leaf), Fried Tofu, etc. are more attractive. Thanks they have other choices for us.

Service and management should be fixed as soon as possible. Seriously.