Praewpayom (Praew) Aikanich: Advertising - Sales Assistanct of Asia Web Direct
Praewpayom (Praew) Aikanich: Advertising - Sales Assistanct of Asia Web Direct


Praewpayom (Praew) Aikanich: Advertising - Sales Assistanct of Asia Web Direct1. Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)

I used to be a lazy girl who never participated in sports. One day, one of my best friends persuaded me to try Muay Thai. One Sunday, evening during July last year, I went to Boat Lagoon Fitness with him to try it out and found it really excited me! Muay Thai not only makes me stronger and healthier but also motivates a chubby girl like me to be more active. Since then, I have been doing Muay Thai twice a week, at Boat Lagoon Fitness, with my personal trainer, Khun Pae, who has been doing Muay Thai since he was a little child. I love it!

2. Hosting lunches and making donations for those who need help

My friends and I often go to host lunches and donate useful items for the residents of Phuket Sunshine Village, Baan Lung Pitak and Paklok Social Welfare Development Center.

There are so many homeless children and elderly people in Phuket. We usually visit institutions that support the less fortunate every 2-3 months. Last year I posted on my Facebook page that I wanted to raise money for Baan Lung Pitak, a place that looked after over 50 children during the day time. I felt very bad for the children because they did not receive enough support and care from their parents, due to circumstances such as imprisonment or working far away.

I managed to raise more than 20,000 THB from friends and relatives. The proceeds were used to buy pillows, towels, bed sheets, electric fans, books, toys, baby milk powder and other basic necessities for them. It was exhilarating to learn that people still care for others despite their hectic schedules, which may have had made them nonchalant to what’s going on around them.

3. Theme Parties

My girlfriends and I enjoy coming up with ideas for theme parties for our friend’s birthdays or other special occasions. Just the planning is fun by itself!

For example, we came up with a theme of “Wig and White” for my birthday in 2009. All the girls were required to wear wigs, while the guys had to wear white outfi ts. We started our night at the Point Bristol. It was very funny as other diners in the restaurant gave us very strange looks!

During the dinner, one of my friends asked me how I felt about my larger-than-life photo. Initially, I didn’t know what she was talking about, as I had not noticed anything unusual in the restaurant. When I turned myself around, OMG, I saw a big billboard photo of myself hanging on the wall. I was so shocked, but the billboard photo was very impressive.

Later, we moved on to Kor Tor Mor to continue with the celebration. My friends had prepared special birthday cup cakes and a crown made from sugaricing with my name on it. It was the most beautiful birthday cake I’ve ever received. Then, the last surprise was that three of my special friends from Bangkok had flown all the way down to Phuket just to say Happy Birthday and to give me a bouquet of flowers. I couldn’t hold my tears as I was overwhelmed with joy. It was one of the most unforgettable birthday parties I’ve ever had, and I was really grateful that I have a group of friends who really care for me.

Other activities that I enjoy to do in Phuket are usually simple. I do not need anything sophisticated, as long as I get to spend time with the people I love: just to say Happy Birthday and give me a bouquet of flowers. I couldn’t hold my tears any longer. I cried a lot but it was tears of happiness. It is one of most unforgettable birthday parties I have ever had.

Praewpayom (Praew) Aikanich: Advertising - Sales Assistanct of Asia Web Direct
4. Jet Ski at Sunset Beach, Thanoon (Sarasin Bridge)

5. Eating at Kan Eang @pier, our favorite restaurant in Phuket

6. Trying out new trendy places such as: SALA Phuket, Renaissance, Serenity Terrace, Indigo Pearl, PARESA etc with a group of friends

7. BBQ’s with a group of close friends

8. Playing with my lovely dog, Foo Foo

9. Island hopping for the day, with friends

10. Cooking and Baking

Veuve Clicquot Non Vintage Rose Champagne Testing @ Sri panwa Phuket

Sri panwa Phuket held a very special Non Vintage Rose Champagne tasting event. It is the first time that a Champagne house from France has held such an event in Thailand.

View all pictures right here.

Veuve Clicquot Veuve Clicquot Veuve Clicquot Veuve Clicquot

Pucci Girl @ Sri panwa

This event was spotlighting the Jet-Set and Glamorous lifestyle. Italian fashion brand, Emilio Pucci, renowned for its signature prints, joined forces with Sri panwa, one of Thailand’s top 5 hotels, to bring a fashion show to show off new designs from the Pucci collection.

View all pictures right here.

Pucci Girl Pucci Girl Pucci Girl Pucci Girl

kinectMicrosoft says its motion-sensing system is on track to hit 5 million units sold by year’s end.

Hot on the heels of Nintendo’s announcement that it had sold 1.5 million units of hardware over the Black Friday/Thanksgiving weekend, Microsoft has struck back with some sales numbers of its own. Today, the software giant said that its Kinect motion-sensing system has sold 2.5 million units worldwide in its first 25 days on the market. The peripheral’s milestone comes in the wake of a reported $500 million marketing campaign to promote the device.

Today, the Microsoft said Kinect was on track to sell 5 million by year’s end, in line with the company’s previously announced target. The system went on sale in North America on November 4, with its European rollout occurring November 10 and its Japanese release following on November 20.

Currently, the Kinect system is offered as a standalone unit for $150, a hefty premium over the device’s $56 estimated cost in parts. Two bundles are also available: a $300 4GB Xbox 360 package and a $400 250GB Xbox 360 loadout. All bundles also include Kinect Adventures, just one of the 17 games that were released in November.

Source: Gamespot