Since the end of 2008, pearl is one of many topics that come directly to me. I’m naturally not a real fan of pearl, but when any special anniversary comes or even when I  want to buy some nice gifts, pearl is always pops up in my head.

Talking about Phuket, what do you think of most?

As usual, everybody must think of beauty beach, sunny day and of course windy.

And have you thought of famous food? it is a must for travelers who would like to try new taste and this is my recommended menu on this such a beautiful island.

As we all know that “Satay” or “BBQ Pork with Curry” originates from Indonesia and immensely popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Netherlands as well.

“Satay” is also popular Thai street food, as it can be found in every part of Thailand.

At the corner of the intersection of Yaowarat road and Dibuk Road in Phuket town, there is a famous local restaurant providing various foods; Spring roll, Fried dried noodle and also Satay.

You can see sliced pork tread onto the skewers which marinated with curry powder, salt, garlic and sugar, accompany with satay sauce and cucumber sauce.

I hope that you will enjoy with this recommended menu and do not to say “Aroi” to the owner

The location is a same place with Phuket Fresh Spring Roll.

View Phuket Dining in a larger map had an exclusive talk with Sakka Veeraporn, Director of Food and Beverage of Holiday Inn Resort, Phuket.

Actually I was born in Bangkok and I was pretty refractory (he smiled). After I did not success  in art, I then learned hotel management at Siam Business school. During studying, I had to do an internship at Asia hotel in Pattaya, as waiter, I really enjoyed it and my colleagues also gave me a lot of knowledge – maybe this was the great motivation for me in food and beverages. When I finished internship, I went back to Bangkok and worked at Sheraton hotel (Surawong road) for a while. After that, I moved to Phuket and I decided to take courses at AUA Language Center because I wanted to speak English fluently. I always practiced English by talking with foreigners at Dusit Thani Laguna hotel for one year. You know what? It was very useful !
In the past, it was very difficult to learn something, we had to steal someone’s knowledge or books. But at this moment, we can find information via computer – just click on mouse and then there will be a lot of information display on monitor. And right now most people rarely concern about knowledge, because of it was found very easily – it is not a good idea.

Talking about Phuket:
Nowadays, we order fishes from suppliers which is not a same way in the past  but I do accept this method because it is very easy, but there is no management in investment and government’s policy can not organize the rapidly grow in establishment, for instance, hotel chains, real estate etc. I really ensure that our natural resources will be decreased by invasion and traffic jam will probably occur in shortly.

Favorite food and drinks:
I just give you an idea for having food, there are two types of having meals. Firstly is responsibility, like food tasting, wine tasting and another is having meal for nourishment. Furthermore, friends are very  important factors creating environment gets better – it does not depend on location.
I really recommend fish menu for you because it has more benefits like Omega – 3 fatty accids and fish is a good source of protein and does not have the high saturated fat that fatty meat products do and there are variousness of fish menus, just put butter sauce and lemon on it. Delicious !!

Suggestion to next generation:
I think everybody should have honesty in person. I always adhere in four principles virtuous existence for supervision employees and  I always seek new knowledge for developing in my work. I sometimes was invited to be a lecturer in university – it’s a great experience.

“Loba” is one of the most famous local food in Phuket, produced from pork; pig’s head, offal (pot-stewed pork), then deep fried all ingredients. Having local sauce (sweet & sour) accompany with “Loba” is the great food ever.

The top secret of  “Loba” is focused on ingredients’ freshness and sweet and sour dipping.

If you have a chance to get to Yaowarat Road, visit this restaurant is a must.

Daily open: noon until 4 pm. or 5 pm.

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Have you ever tasted local food at a good restaurant in Phuket?

There are a lot of ingredients in this “Fried dried noodle” or “Mea Phad Hok Kien” – pork, squid, fish ball, egg and of course local noodle. At the corner of Siam intersection (Dibuk Road and Yaowarat Road), there is a famous restaurant which is providing various local menus including “Mea Pha Hok Kien”, this restaurant has been opened in Phuket since 1969.

With particular attentiveness of food – they really care for every ingredient that makes differences with other restaurants – fresh meat and sea food are special elements for every dishe. Prices are not expensive and go with portion of food.

Everyday around 12.00 hrs, the restaurant always is filled with customers as usual – what if you come at that time and smelling from the food – I bet! you could eat a horse.

P.s. Daily open 11.00 – 17.00  (except Tuesday)

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