Middle: Karate Trainer Jitrpanu Kongtham

Believe it or not? Karate is what Phuket Sports Association successful the most. “The charm of karate is strength within the gentleness,” said Mr. Jitrpanu Kongtham or “Dang”, a coach of Karate-Do Club Phuket who take Phuket’s youths to many national competitions. Phuketindex.com sat and talked with him a few days ago and this is what we learned.

“Ajarn Dang” has an extensive experience in Karate-Do for more than 30 years. He is now a level 4 trainer of Thailand Karate Federation, a staff coach for National Youth Karate Team and also a coach for Karate-Do Club Phuket.

He began as a special trainer for schools under control of Phuket City Municipality years ago and organised a summer course for youth continuously. Thereafter Phuket City Municipality gave a support to establish a karate club in Phuket in 2005 and allowed the club to use the Gymnasium 3 at Saphan Hin for training, there are more and more youths pay attention to Karate and join the training since then.

Ajarn Dang explained, “Karate is a kind of martial arts using hand and leg strikes. Karate helps enhance physical strength. Thought it might be perceived as a way to violence by many people, karate in fact is an art of mind training that finally it can perfectly control your body.”

Most of my students are at the ages of 9-18 years. I realized that they want something more than sports and that guide me to focus on self-disciplines and concentration. These two things, will help no matter what, studying, social life, or even karate exercise. Children in our club is a good example for this theory, they got an average grade above 3 and that make their parents confident in what they provided for the children.”

For Phuket Karate-Do Club’s success, Ajarn Dang said, “I’m very proud of my students. They can apply what I teach and bring back honour to Phuket. Like in the 52th National Youth Sport Competition, our students won 5 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze, as well student Nampeung Monticha won award for outstanding players in particular.”

“Although, there are not many students in our club, they are all love Kerate. I don’t want to push them if they don’t want me to do that. I’d rather set a goal and challenge them. I know some people have a question in mind ‘An activity like this will ruin the student’s leaning in school or not?’ I do have the answer ‘No’ From what I see now, a number of students can entry to many famous school through the sports quota.”

“For me, though I have an opportunity to be a trainer in the centre, I chose too be in Phuket. As I was born here, I think it’d be better if I can use my potential to support Phuket’s youths and to improve sports in Phuket. It’s not money, nor awards but being a part of the students’ success that make me most satisfied.”

Interested in the club or karate training call Ajarn Dang 089-6477052 or visit the training site at Gymnasium 3, Saphan Hin, Mon-Sat 6pm-8pm.

22 Oct 2009 – After Samkong Shrine’s procession have been done prefectly yesterday, today, the 5th day of the festival is still exciting with street procession in Phuket town of Tha-rua Shrine. There are many participants joined the procession in which the ritual began around 7 am this early moring.

Today, Kathu Shrine also arrange another procession to Patong area while Naka Shrine will visit people in Vichit area this afternoon.

At night, Bang Niew Shrine will have a propitiation of Seven Stars at 8pm.

The festival is expected to draw more tourists during the long weekend on 23-25 October. Rooms in Phuket town are almost fully booked due to the two big shrines Bang Niew and Jui Tui will have a street procession on Friday and Saturday respectively.