The 4th ASEAN Mentor CPG Excellence Workshop

The 4th ASEAN Mentor CPG Excellence Workshop

Bangkok Hospital Phuket

On 13 March 2015, Dr. Narongrit Havarungsi, Hospital Director, presided over the opening ceremony of the 4th ASEAN Mentor CPG Excellence Workshop at King Carl Gustaf’s Conference Room, 3rd floor, Bangkok Hospital Phuket. Over 100 leading plastic surgeons from Asia-Pacific countries, e.g. Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, came to participate.

According to the Hospital Director, “breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures for women worldwide as breasts are closely associated with womanhood. To have a nice and well-proportioned pair of breasts will normally enhance their confidence, self-esteem and personality. At present, breast augmentation technology has achieved a heightened level of sophistication, which is well recognized and causes minimal complications. Silicone gel implants are currently at the forefront and are constantly sharpened to achieve better and better outcome. This academic conference and workshop aims to foster discussions and sharing of new knowledge and techniques relating to anatomical implants (teardrop shape) or so-called “Contour Profile Gel (CPG) Implants”. Topics include breast measurement, implant selection based on patient body types and the Y-number to achieve most natural outcome, compared with that of conventional round implants. It will abound with live surgery demonstrations direct from our operating theaters, altogether making it the most vibrant and most empowering workshop for all the attendees.”

He also added, “this international conference on cosmetic surgery does not only cast light on the latest medical knowledge and technology, but it also further underpins Phuket as a world-leading medical tourism hub. Each year, medical tourists come to Phuket in droves from worldwide, such as Australia, Russia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, China. They combine tropical holidays with medical treatment of their choice at Bangkok Hospital Phuket: for instance, advanced health screenings, dental work, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. This is owing to their growing trust in our hospital’s quality and comprehensive range of medical services up to international standards, particularly JCI accreditation from USA. Our cutting-edge technology, minimal waiting time and reasonable prices compared with those in their home countries altogether add to the allure of Bangkok Hospital Phuket. In a nutshell, this workshop provides the most vigorous boost across the board towards our patients, participating surgeons, as well as Phuket and Thailand as a whole.”

As a world leader in cosmetic surgery, Bangkok Hospital Phuket has stepped into academic limelight for the 4th year running since 2012. We aim to continuously break new ground and serve as a center of academic excellence in the ASEAN region. Certainly, there will be more and more conferences and workshops in store. Stay tuned.


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