Wine Connection Deli & Bistro makes wine more available for everyone

Wine Connection have stepped up to another level of success after they have become well known among wine lovers as a leading wine importer to many countries in South East Asia region for over 10 years. By using the new concept ‘Deli & Bistro’, Wine Connection which used to be only a “wine shop” in the public eye, has now become a meeting place & a relaxation area for everyone. No matter who you are, it’s your choice to choose between sitting down for a glass of wine, a croissant with a cup of coffee, a fresh cooked Mediterranean dish, or buying imported cold cuts to take back for your dinner at home.

‘Deli & Bistro’ for Wine Connection is considered a smart upgrade that not only helps provide new perspectives to consumers on wine consumption, but also can encourage more movements in their shops. By that, wine sales can see further big increases.

Wine Connection’s Marketing Executive, Ms Penprapa Chooklin revealed to us that ‘Wine Connection Deli & Bistro’ was initiated around July last year (2009) at their Jungceylon Branch. As time passes, it has been proven that reshaping a wine shop to a bistro allows people to easily integrate it into everyday life as the right decision; their Chalong and Bangtao branches therefore followed in a short period of time in order to serve locals and tourists alike. Backed up by the successful Phuket branches, they took the concept and moved forward to Bangkok by launching another flagship store at K Village, Sukhumvit 26 in the city. So now, there are altogether four “Wine Connection” branches in Thailand that are operating under ‘Deli & Bistro’ concept.

The comfortable and friendly atmosphere of ‘Wine Connection Deli & Bistro’ at the Chalong branch just finely reflects what they aim to be. Its liveliness tells us that although the location isn’t that so popular as Patong, they can still win the hearts of both Thais and foreigners, who visit for breakfast, lunch, or dinner & in between.

‘Wine Connection Deli & Bistro’ Chalong branch opens daily from 07:00 to 23:00 (kitchen closes at 22:00) providing both alfresco and air conditioning seats. You can easily order a pizza, pasta, steak, etc. from a big menu book, choose your favorite wine from the nearby shelves, open and enjoy it with your friends. For those who have no clue on what to drink and those who love to explore something new, you can also pick one of the wines by glass from a short recommended list which will be switched around after a month; no need to buy a whole bottle. But after a try and if you find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to get it for any occasion.

Wine Connection at present has total of 25 branches in different locations throughout Thailand, as well as in Singapore and Vietnam. They import over 600 types of wine from major wine producing countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, to name a few, direct from vineyards to customers’ hands. Without the middleman in the line, customers can buy good quality wines from their large selection with a reasonable price tag.

For those who live in Phuket, you can visit their three stores, whether it is Jungceylon, Chalong or Bangtao for sipping, dining or taking home.

For further information, please contact:
Wine Connection Phuket Office
19/54-57 Moo 8, Chaofa Rd., Chalong, Muang, Phuket 83130
Tel.: +66 (0) 76 282 411
Fax: +66 (0) 76 282 416


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