Where to Find the Best Thai Fashion Brands Online in 2019

Where to Find the Best Thai Fashion Brands Online in 2019

Bangkok is taking the fashion scene by storm in recent years. With the twice annual Bangkok Fashion Week and growing world-class shopping malls, the city is becoming a popular hub for renowned stylists and designers, both locally and around the world. With the influx of international designers coming through, Bangkok is also seeing a rise in talented local Thai brands. We decided to compile a list of our top picks for the best Thai fashion brands online this year, so scroll down to see which brands catch your eye!


“Sretsis” is sisters spelled backwards, and it was founded by three sisters – Pimdao, Klyduan and Matina Sukhahuta. Just like the name, the collections have elements of unique quirkiness and sophistication. This is an enticing brand to follow if you’re not afraid of bold patterns, textiles, and prints. Each collection is inspired by fantasies and dreams manifested into feminine, but rebellious patterns and silhouettes. One might find a combination of leopard prints paired with a cashmere cardigan and a pearl necklace for instance. Underlying every collection lies the feminine, boss woman vibe that just exudes confidence and class. Follow their latest collection online to see the latest pieces. Sretsis also features their other sister brands, including Sincerely Yours and Little Sister. We highly recommend checking out Sretsis, one of the best Thai fashion brands online this year.


Clean lines, neutral colors, and classic silhouettes define Asava, one of the best Thai fashion brands online today. They’ve built a very strong presence in the Thai fashion scene, showing us that basics don’t have to be dull and boring. While each collection naturally evolves into something new, the core of Asava is all about classic timelessness and luxury for the modern woman. You will find hints of boldness in Asava pieces, but never flashy or overly bright. Their pieces are ideal for the confident, urban woman.


Disaya is well-loved brand that’s been around for over 14 years, always releasing the most versatile and fresh looks. If you’re looking for a reputable and one of the best Thai fashion brands online, Disaya will stun you with its Vogue-worthy items and seasonal collections. The brand caters to women of all ages, putting in meticulous detail into stitching and sewing. Stylish women will appreciate the immaculate craftsmanship and detail of every piece of garment. Visit their online shop for the latest collection and exclusive online promotions.


Artsy souls and bold spirits will surely fall in love with Greyhound. Bound by shared aesthetics, Greyhound is considered one of the best online Thai fashion brands at the moment. The brand emphasizes the creative and contemporary. Rebellious and confident individuals will gravitate toward unconventional garments, from unexpected materials to loud graphics and logos. Greyhound’s collections are mostly minimal and modern with plenty of attitude. You can also visit their other collection called Playhound, which focuses on off-kilter aesthetics and a rock n’ roll vibe. Independent souls will enjoy their collections to the utmost, from mixing black lace with long-sleeved skater tops to satin one-piece suits. Check out their online collections for the latest release and style concepts.

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