Thai Bowing Keep You Away From Swine Flu

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Sept. 9 (UPI) — A Swedish politician says the spread of swine flu could slow if people keep their distance from one another so he recommends bowing rather than shaking hands.

Goran Thingwall, who is both a doctor and a member of parliament representing the Moderate Party, urges his colleagues to follow the example of residents of Thailand and bow politely, The Local reports.

“Rubbing elbows against each other is not appropriate because you come too close to each other,” he said. “Let us in the Riksdag stand up for the fight against direct contact, which is a major factor in the spread of the virus!”

Thingwall said his use of a restrained bow has met with a “positive reception” from those he encounters.

At least one parliamentarian may have swine flu. Mona Sahlin, a Social Democratic leader, has stayed home since a handshaking session in Stockholm during the weekend.

Source: politiker bloggen


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