Quick and Efficient Storage Rack Repair

Quick and Efficient Storage Rack Repair

With today’s computerized warehouse operations, you can’t afford to let a damaged storage rack repair disrupt the daily workflow.

Modern warehouses may look the same as they have for years. They have the same style racks, and the same pallet jacks and forklifts are used to move the merchandise around to where it’s supposed to go. But the warehouse of today is much more efficient in the time it takes to pick an order and get it shipped.

Everything in Its Place

This is because the modern warehouse utilizes computers to decide where each item is kept, and the routes followed in picking an order. This decreases the time spent picking each order, which means more orders can be picked within every workday.

The items to be picked on an order are listed in the order the items are stored within the warehouse. They might be listed according to weight, with the heaviest items on the bottom of the pallet, which provides safety and stability to the pallets. This routing also minimizes the movement of the forklifts and pallet jacks, shortening the time it takes to fill an order.

The one thing that can add unnecessary time and effort to the process is a damaged rack upright.

Damaged Uprights Cost Time and Efficiency

When a storage rack upright is damaged by an accident involving a pallet jack or forklift, the merchandise on the rack generally has to be removed for safety and moved to another location in the warehouse. This disrupts the path that the pallet jacks and forklifts travel in picking the order. It takes longer to pick the order, and the machines generally have to cover more ground.

With warehouse operations aiming to become as efficient as possible to enable more orders to be picked in a workday, finding the quickest and most effective way to repair a storage rack is crucial to maintaining efficiency.

Quick and Efficient Rack Repair

A company called ROS-Thailand has perfected a storage rack repair system that provides a permanent, solid solution to damaged rack uprights. The key feature of the repair technique is that it’s performed without having to relocate the merchandise, which preserves the computerized locations and, with it, the efficiency of the picking process.

A team from ROS-Thailand first surveys the damaged upright to ensure it falls within the stringent safety parameters of the repair system. Once the team is satisfied, they place a custom precision-engineered die over the damaged upright. Then they jack up the die using hydraulic pressure until the weight is transferred from the damaged upright to the temporary die.

The damaged upright is then repaired or replaced, depending on the extent of the damage, and the weight is transferred back onto the repaired upright.

If your warehouse is computerized and the efficiency and speed of your operations demand keeping all the merchandise in its proper place, the ROS-Thailand repair method is for you. Get in touch with ROS-Thailand to learn more about maintaining your warehouse efficiency while undergoing rack repairs.

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