Soi Dog Foundation Desperately Needs Big Boat to Rescue Bangkok Dogs

Phuket’s Soi Dog Foundation, which has rescued scores of pets affected by the Bangkok floods, desperately needs a large boat with a powerful engine to ferry stranded animals to safety.

Anyone able to donate, or sell, a large boat should contact John Dalley at

Donations to help rescue the pets can be made to

The small boat being used by SDF to rescue pets is not sufficiently big to take a larger number of dogs that is required to make a difference. The dogs must be housed in large, heavy cages, which requires a larger boat.

Said SDF’s John Dalley, a co-ordinator of the rescue efforts: “We desperately need one, or more, larger boats otherwise we will not be able to rescue as many dogs as we would like. If anyone in Bangkok can help please contact us immediately.”

SDF is working with groups in the Bangkok area to rescue the animals. Everyone is working around the clock.

One group, TREAT, has taken in drowning puppy mill dogs. TREAT’s Margot Homburg said there are many small pockets of areas where people need to get help — huge numbers of people were asking for boats to transport their pets. TREAT is a non-profit group running a clinic in Bangkok for unwanted and street animals.

TREAT is co-ordinating the distribution of donated funds to volunteers in the field.

A schedule fund raising event based around Australia’s Melbourne Cup horse race on Tuesday, 1 November, 2011 will donate all proceeds to the volunteers in Bangkok who are working around the clock to save dogs affected by the floods.

Will you do an update soon — I’ll tell those whom I sent it to wait — got to go soon to pick up dog food which they’re holding for me but not for long.

SDF has caught the eye of CNN, the international cable news network, with its rescue efforts. A story was being run on Friday, 28 October, 2011 about SDF’s rescue operation.

Contact: John Dalley at  Margot Homburg [TREAT] Cell: +66 (0) 89 895 9965


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