Soi Dog’s Mobile clinic continues in Phuket, starting in Rawai

Soi Dog’s Mobile clinic continues in Phuket, starting in Rawai

The mobile clinic of Soi Dog Foundation, which provides sterilization and vaccination free of charge, has begun in the Rawai area.

The mobile clinic forms part of the CNVR program – Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release – which is the core mission of Soi Dog Foundation and the most effective and humane way to control the street dog and cat population and eventually help to bring to an end the suffering of stray animals.

The mobile clinic takes place at the Rawai / Naiharn Waste Water Management facility from January 21 – February 1 from 8 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday. The dog catchers will survey and catch the stray animals and bring them back to the mobile clinic while pet owners or feeders are invited to bring their own dogs and cats there as well. The dogs and cats brought to the clinic will undergo a basic health checkup in the morning before being prepared for sterilization. The animals also have to rest after the operation during the afternoon. The whole program typically takes only one day for each animal. All of the animals who receive sterilization and vaccination will be given a small tattoo on their ear to identify them for future reference.

The service that the mobile clinic offers to every dog and cat includes basic health checkup, tick and flea control, sterilization and combined vaccine, which includes the rabies vaccine.

By the schedule, the mobile clinic will continue to Kata area from February 18 – 22 then Karon area from February 25 – March 1. After that, they will continue to Kho Khao Island in Phang Nga.

To follow the update of Soi Dog’s mobile clinic schedule, please visit Facebook Page: Soi Dog – in Thai (


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