Discover the Benefits of a Smart Water Purifier

Discover the Benefits of a Smart Water Purifier

The recent chemical spills in the rivers of the Klang Valley have underlined the need for water purifiers for many Malaysians. But they may be unaware of just how far technology has been used to improve the quality of filtration in today’s water filters. Nowadays, smart water purifiers are offering cleaner water and greater savings over the analogue water of old.

What is a Smart Water Purifier?

Smart home technology enables home appliances and fixtures to respond and be controlled from apps on your smartphone.

With the advent of smart home technology, manufacturers of water purifiers adopted the same concept to enable water purifiers to become interactive. Far from being simply a gimmick, this interactivity allows for the owner of a smart water purifier to establish a much more efficient maintenance schedule based on usage.

Previously, maintenance of water filters was scheduled by time. Every three or four months, a water filter would have its filtering units replaced. This kept the purity of the water high, but it didn’t account for differences in usage. A family of four was on the same schedule as an office of fifty. This meant that the family of four was paying much more for their water than they needed to, often as much as 50-70% more.

Today, the interactive nature of smart technology enables the water purifier of today to connect to your smartphone and the manufacturer. They can monitor your purifier via the internet and create a maintenance schedule based on the more realistic usage figure.

Additional Benefits of Smart Water Purifiers

But more than the interactivity, the smart water purifier also offers a higher quality of filtration. A Malaysian company, called Snaptec, offers their flagship purifier, the Aurra Pro, as definitive of the new direction towards the adoption of this smart technology.

The Aurra Pro has four levels of filtration that together deliver some of the cleanest and purest water. The water is filtered through a sediment filter initially that removes the larger-sized impurities like dirt, sediment and rust. In the next step, an activated carbon filter removes unhealthy chemicals and unwanted odours while improving the taste of the water.

The third stage of the filtration utilises a nano-positive membrane to rid the water of heavy metals, viruses and bacteria. It allows naturally occurring, healthy minerals to remain. In the final step of the process, the Aurra Pro adds trace elements of beneficial minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium to boost the water’s healthy properties.

These smart water purifiers deliver boiling and cool water as well. You can now replace your kettle with a healthier all-in-one appliance that serves the same purpose with an added bonus of providing healthier water.

Parents who are interested in providing the healthiest water for their families should look into the new smart water purifiers to get the best quality water while paying lower maintenance costs.

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