Rare flavours of Siamese legend unveiled at Aleenta Phuket’s ‘Secret Dinner’

Rare flavours of Siamese legend unveiled at Aleenta Phuket's 'Secret Dinner' Prepare to embark on a gastronomic odyssey into arcane flavours and ancient secrets chronicled and guarded over generations by one of Thailand’s most authentic and fascinating foodie families.

Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga is proud to present the NA THALANG Ancestral Siamese Cuisine Secret Dinner series every Monday until further notice. Adventurous diners can now experience half a millennium of culinary wisdom from the kitchen of Chef Premchit Prateap Na Thalang.

Imagine … an exotic excursion into the mists of time and the dense forests of old southern Siam, where Thao Thep Kasatri and Thao Sri Sunthon, the Heroines of the Battle of Thalang of 1785, feasted on forest fare and the fat of the land.

Dream … of a lavish feast for the senses prepared from secret recipes and artisanal preparation methods handed down through 12 generations.

Savour … fresh rare wild seasonal ingredients foraged from the Phang-Nga rainforest and caught from the Andaman Sea, all within 50km of Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga Resort and Spa – the first authentic Thai salute to the SLOW Food movement.

The secret is out, but only for the discerning few. Don’t miss your place at this culinary angel’s table. Chef Premchit’s family has lived in harmony with nature, harvesting, trading, eating, dispensing and using the rainforest plants and sea animals of southern Thailand for more than 420 years.

Chef Premchit’s ancestors influenced the emergence of a distinctive southern Siamese cuisine, with its immigrant Chinese and Indian elements, suffused with intense, rich aromas and flavours from the forests and seas of the Andaman coast.

Chef Premchit’s mother, grandmother and great grandmother, all great chefs, ran successful restaurants in Thalang, sharing their love of food with all who came.

Chef Premchit was born in the village of Khok Kloi in Phang-Nga Province southern Thailand, home to the turtle sanctuary which has become another of Aleenta owner and founder Anchalika Kijkanakorn’s passions, along with culinary rarities like Chef Premchit’s cooking.

The chef’s family lived a simple life on the edge of the tropical rainforest, in harmony with nature, enjoying the bounty of the rainforest. When she was just five, until the time she left home for university, Premchit regularly forayed into the forest with her father in search of herbs, roots and other edible rarities. This ‘school of the forest’ taught her more than any fancy cooking school ever could have. Premchit’s mother then taught her how to turn the plants of the rainforest into delicious ambrosias and elixirs for eating, natural herbal medicine for healing and exotic potions for beauty, and shared her philosophy for life – happiness comes through love and service.

Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga general manager Yann Gouriou said he was honoured to host Chef Premchit and promised an adventure to the wilder shores of dining. “It’s difficult these days to wow people, they’ve dined at the fancy Michelin starred places and they know the world’s great cuisines. Fusion doesn’t create a fuss any more. But this is something different.

“Chef Premchit is the guardian of something very special. It’s my pleasure to invite connoisseurs, gourmands and anyone with an appetite for adventure to now come and share in her secrets, and to enjoy an unforgettable evening with us overlooking the Andaman Sea and our beautiful Natai Beach.”

Mr. Gouriou said booking was essential for those wishing to attend the NA THALANG Ancestral Siamese Cuisine Secret Dinner series, as seating was limited

When: Dinner, every Monday
Theme: Thalang 1785 Era Ancestral Siamese Cuisine
Courses: Juice, Canapes, Aperitif, 8-course Tasting Dinner, Digestif
Sensitivies: Includes crustaceans and fish, not for vegans and vegetarians

Apéritif: From 7.00 pm.
Dinner: At 7.30 pm. sharp
Digestif: About 10.00 pm.

Venue: Level 3, Aleenta Phuket Phang-Nga
Secret Menu: Presented by Chef Premchit upon arrival for Dinner

Dinner: THB2,500 ++ per person
Wine Pairing: THB1,500 ++ per person, wine pairing

For reservations please contact:
E-mail: rsvp@aleenta.com
Tel: + 66 (0) 2514 8112
Fax: + 66 (0) 2539 4373


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