Please Help Save Dogs Like These!

Please Help Save Dogs Like These!I am writing you today to ask for your help in ending the pain and suffering endured by the hundreds of thousands of dogs who fall prey each year to the dog meat trade in Northeast Thailand.

Soi Dog is continuing the fight to end the illegal dog meat trade from Thailand to Vietnam. Since the campaign began late last year more arrests and interceptions have occurred than during the past decade! There is still a long way to go, but through world awareness change is taking place. However make no mistake, ending the trade will be a long hard battle. Without your help this abuse will continue unchallenged!

June pictured right, is one of the many dogs rescued in a recent crackdown and will soon be on her way to a loving home in America.

One pickup truck stopped in September had 130 dogs in sacks piled in the back. More than 30 of the dogs were already dead from suffocation.

Tragically a lot of these dogs are stolen pets. They have obviously been trained and respond to commands, some of them are even still wearing collars.

The scale of world public opposition to the dog meat trade is forcing the Thai government to consider the introduction of animal welfare laws. Soi Dog will continue to work closely with the Thai Parliament towards the introduction of animal welfare legislation.

Due to growing world awareness more arrests and interceptions have occurred over the last 5 months than during the past 10 years!

In late 2011 arrests were made in the north-eastern province of Nakhom Phanom with more than 1,000 dogs rescued from tiny cages. Four trucks were intercepted attempting to smuggle the dogs out of the country. The dogs, stacked high in metal cages were being transported to Vietnam for slaughter and consumption.

In early January of 2012 a Thai navy patrol caught a gang of dog smugglers on the shore of the Mekong River. At least 750 dogs in small, rusty cages on a truck near a ferry ready to take them across the river to Laos were rescued. One man was arrested on charges including illegal transportation of animals, while the other smugglers escaped.

To find out more about the Thai Navy’s interception and how you can help click the video below.

Also in January of 2012 after a crackdown on dog traders in Sakon Nakhon’s Tha Rae district, Boonthai Wannaphrom confessed that he had detained 5,000 dogs to be sold to buyers in Vietnam. The dogs were rescued from a remote compound, many already stuffed in cages ready for transport. Others were loose in holding pens. None of them were being fed. Wannaphrom was initially sentenced to eight months in jail and a fine of 75,000 Baht, but the court decided to halve his sentence because of his confession.

With the fine halved to 37,500 baht and with 5000 dogs saved this translates to 7.5 baht per dog (24 US cents, 23 Australian cents or 15 UK pence)! A clear example of the need for tougher laws.

The incidences above are battles won but the war is far from over, many challenges lie ahead and in order to shut down the dog meat trade your ongoing support is needed!

Much of what Soi Dog is doing cannot be revealed at this time. The dog meat industry is run by criminals and as a result we have to consider the security of people working on stopping the trade.

The conditions under which the dogs are transported and slaughtered are inhumane and many die from suffocation long before they reach neighbouring countries. In reality these are the lucky ones.

Those that are still alive are not humanely killed but are tortured often for hours before being skinned alive. The reason for this is that people believe that the pain inflicted leads to the tenderizing of the meat. Most shocking of all, is that some dogs are still alive when their fur is removed.

Soi Dog is investing heavily in stopping the trade and also in helping the dogs that have been rescued, many of which have been sent to Bangkok and Soi Dog’s shelter in Phuket for treatment and rehoming.

To find out more about the dog meat trade and how you can help please click here…

Yes I Want To Help End the Slaughter!

… John Dalley


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