Please Help Dogs Like Coffee Keep Their Home…

Please Help Dogs Like Coffee Keep Their Home…


Every Picture Tells A Story…

Time Is Running Out To Save The Shelter!

Click Here to Help Save the Shelter!Despite being a victim of terrible cruelty Coffee has not lost his faith. We cannot always explain why somebody would hurt a gentle soul like Coffee, but we do have to keep on with the tireless work of saving lives and preventing suffering, whatever it takes.

Poor Coffee was found with two deep, brutally inflicted machete wounds. A Thai lady brought Coffee to the Soi Dog shelter recently where he received emergency treatment.

Coffee is one of the many dogs who people like yourself have saved through supporting Soi Dog’s work. My thanks to each and every one of you for your efforts in helping the dogs and cats of Thailand.

Imagine being left homeless on the street, viciously attacked and left to die a slow and painful death. Without your help dogs like Coffee have nowhere to turn.

As you may know the Soi Dog shelter is under threat. If the remaining land on which the shelter is located is not purchased by October of this year it may be lost to commercial developers.

Tragically dogs like Coffee are an every day event, and the shelter is crowded with dogs like him. Without the Shelter dogs like Coffee simply have no where to turn.

Click Here to Help Save the Shelter!The shelter land must be purchased by October of this year or dogs like Coffee will be without refuge. Many thanks to the generosity of our supporters across the world who are helping. The target is now in sight not just a distant dream. However an additional $64,000 must still be raised to meet the October deadline.

A long time benefactor of Soi Dog is still matching donations dollar for dollar. What this means is that your donation towards saving the shelter is doubled! Given this generous offer and the importance of saving the shelter please give as generously as you can!

Please, can you help make Coffee’s dream a reality through your support today?

Click Here to Help Save the Shelter!


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